Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages for a Mesmerising Underwater Experience

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a cluster of 572 rocks and islets situated in the Bay of Bengal. Baratang, Middle, North, South and Little Andaman are some of the large islands of this archipelago with Indira Point to its north and Landfall Island towards the extreme south. This archipelago, of which only 36 islands are inhabited, is located in proximity to countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. With verdant forests and serene seacoasts, this place is definitely a paradise for holidaymakers. The landscape, being dominated by azure waters and hilly terrains, provides a great opportunity for several adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, camping and trekking. However, travelers opting for various Andaman and Nicobar tour packages should keep in mind that the islands forming the Nicobar group remain out of bounds for them.

The Tribal Population

The two groups – Andaman and Nicobar – are separated by the Ten Degree Channel, which is around 150 km wide. The former is inhabited by the people of Negrito origin, which comprises four different tribes, namely Onges, Jarawas, Great Andamanese and Sentinelese. On the other hand, the latter is home to people of Mongloid ethnicity that consists of Nicobarese and Shompens tribes. People belonging to many other religions like Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians also form an important part of both these groups. This portrays that the place is a cultural mix of different racial and religious faiths.

Rich in natural resources

The region abounds in dense forests that are set aside for national parks, tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Besides the evergreen forest area, the place boasts of rich natural resources that have been preserved by setting up tourist sites, such as Fisheries, Forest and Anthropological Museum, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Samudrika.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is situated in the small fishing village of Wandoor, which lies in proximity to Port Blair – the capital of the archipelago. The park is built by combining 15 large and small islets and open sea creeks, of which only Jolly Buoy and Red Skin are open to visitors. It came into existence under the Wildlife Protection Act, so as to preserve endangered sea creatures like ocean turtles and corals.

Various coral reef fish, such as clown, surgeon, butterfly, angel, bat, parrot and grouper, can be seen here. In addition to marine species, the park also inhabits birds like parakeet, white-bellied sea eagle, heron, tern, Andaman teal, swift and wader. Besides exploring the underwater life, tourists can indulge in water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling at this site to add to their fascinating experience.

Travelers planning a visit to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can choose from travel packages in India that are offered by different travel portals. Most of these packages include a trip to this aquatic park in their travel itinerary for an unforgettable experience. However, while planning their tour, travelers must make a note that the best time to visit this spot is from October to February.


Visit the Monsoon Palace to Enjoy Panoramic Views of Udaipur by Availing Packages of Rajasthan Tours

Travelling in the state of Rajasthan can be an amazing experience as you discover its interesting history, witness majestic forts and palaces, and partake in the vibrant festivities along your journey. This royal state, located in the north-western part of India, has acres of inhospitable area in the form of the Thar Desert, but in terms of attractions it is the most rich state. If you are planning a trip to this culture and heritage-rich state, then do look for various travel packages in India deals on offer by leading travel websites that include tours to Rajasthan, as well. Though many of its cities and towns of this state are well known, its capital city Udaipur is the one that has the maximum popularity owing to its tourist attractions including forts, lakes and palaces. Speaking of palaces, the Monsoon Palace is one spectacular attraction of this city.

Monsoon Palace

Previously referred to as the Sajjan Garh Palace, this magnificent palace was constructed between 1874 and 1884. It received its name from Maharana Sajjan Singh of the dynasty of Mewar. The purpose of building this palace was to witness the monsoon clouds and thus, its name was later changed to Monsoon Palace. Besides clouds, this glorious palace offers panoramic sight of lakes and other palaces of the surrounding regions. Perched high on the Aravalli hills, this building is the ideal place to watch a beautiful sunset. After the sun goes down, the palace is illuminated completely that creates a golden orange glow, which is a rare sight.

Known as the city of lakes – Udaipur is also known for its other attractions that include City Palace, Jag Mandir, Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake and Jagdish Temple. If you have enough time in your hand, then you must explore Udaipur and other cities of the state by availing package deals offered by various travel websites for Rajasthan tours to make your holiday a memorable one.

Celebrate Theyyam Festival by Availing Kerala Holiday Packages

Kerala is a land of natural beauty, which is evident in its beautiful hill stations, serene beaches and scenic backwaters. The verdant surroundings and pleasant weather make it a delightful destination for people who wish a break from the monotonous routine of life. For those who want to relax themselves in the lap of nature, this state has innumerable Ayurveda and Yoga centres that follow ages-old practices of rejuvenating body and soul. Besides these, this state boasts of a rich cultural heritage, which can be seen during its extravagant celebrations. One such event is the Theyyam Festival, which is celebrated with pomp and grandeur every year. If you wish to be a part of this grand celebration, then choose from any online travel packages in India that include tours to this state.

A Dance Festival dedicated to Deities

Theyyam is an ancient form of deity worship and religious ritual in Kerala that literally means the dance of Gods. The Theyyam Festival is a six-month long event, which is held every year between the Malayalam months of Thullam and Edavam. Kannur and Kasargod are the two places where this dance festival is celebrated in the most grand manner. The dance form presented during this festival is performed by a troupe of men, who belong to some specific communities. This dance is performed on melodious beats of folk songs that narrate ancient tales, which in turn make the show astonishing. The dancers wear dramatic costumes and make-up, which is done to make them look like mythical creatures and supernatural human beings. Large decorative headgears and coconut leaves form important parts of this colourful ensemble.

A visit to the state during this grand dance festival can be a fulfilling experience. You can do so by availing the best one out of the various Kerala holiday packages available online. These packages include usual facilities like accommodation and travelling.

Avail Indian Tour Packages for a Holy Trip to Vaishno Devi

The downpour has finally brought some relief from soaring heat making the weather pleasant. Owing to this, it is a favourable time for globetrotters to avail Indian tour packages and set on a journey to any part of the country. If you are wondering where you should head to, Vaishno Devi is probably a convenient choice. Set amid snow-clad mountains and greenery, this shrine will give you a chance to attain peace and tranquillity in its blissful environs.

Vaishno Devi Temple

 Vaishno Devi Temple, located at an altitude of 5300 feet in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the second most visited Hindu pilgrimage site in India, after Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. Its residing deity, who is also known as Mata Rani or Vaishnavi, is a manifestation of the mother of all goddesses, Goddess Shakti. Inside this cave temple are idols of three revered deities, namely Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. Over 8 million devotees come to pay their homage at this shrine, located 61 km from Jammu, every year.

The Yatra

You can choose from different travel packages in India to make travel arrangements for Katra, which is the main gateway to the temple. Lying at a distance of 45 km from Jammu, this base camp is linked to the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi via a 13-km track that is carved in the Trikuta Mountains. You will have to get a Yatra Parchi from Katra, post which, you can head towards the Bhavan for darshan. The steep uphill journey is usually undertaken by pilgrims on foot, but you can hire a pony, palki or pithoo as per your convenience. Major stopover locations along the chadhai include Banganga, Charanpadhuka, Adkuwari and Sanjichat. En route, you can witness the picturesque beauty of the surroundings and stop at ancient temples and viewpoints for rest.

Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the Backwaters with Kerala Holiday Package

If you wish to go on a peaceful holiday with your family, then nothing can beat a vacation that is spent exploring the backwaters of Kerala. Words like serene and pristine is what anyone would associate with the backwaters of Kerala that draw tourists to this amazing state, over and over again. The coastal areas of the state boast of a network of waterways – lakes, canals, estuaries of over forty rivers and inlets from the sea, which form the backwaters. Almost over 900 Km of these backwaters are navigable, and since centuries, they have been used by localities for transportation. Tourists can go for a Kerala Holiday package that generally includes stay on a houseboat on the scenic backwaters of Kerala.

Flora and Fauna

The splendid Palm trees, leafy plants, Pandanus shrubs and bushes alongside the backwaters make for a mesmerizing landscape. In and around the backwaters, there is the existence of many varied species of aquatic life that includes frogs, mud skippers, crabs and birds such as cormorants, darters and kingfishers while animals like turtles and otters.

Prominent Backwater Cruises

Backwater cruises are a hit among visitors to Kerala, and some of the best ones are offered in Kuttanad, Kochi, Kollam, Alappuzha, Kasaragod and Kozhikode. These cruises are carried out on large boats, called Kettuvalloms. Traditionally, these boats were used to transport harvested rice produced in the fields alongside the backwaters. Converted into houseboats, these boats have a sleeping area, dinning area and toilets. There is also a provision to cook on-board.

To make the most of your trip to Kerala, ensure that your tour package for Kerala includes cruises on the backwaters so that you can experience its beauty in the lap of nature. Kerala packages are quite popular among the various Travel packages in India offered by travel agents and travel portals. Therefore, while you plan for your trip keep an eye on the deal offers on Kerala tours.