Choosing Mount Abu Tour Packages to Explore 3 Aspects of the Town

Mount Abu holiday packagesMount Abu, located at an altitude of approximately 5650 feet in the Aravalli Ranges, is the only hill station in the Rajasthan state. Its elevation makes the weather during summer bearable, and the town becomes an ideal holiday destination during this season. However, this does not make the winter in the area cold as the lower latitude and the arid climate of the region prevent this from happening. Hence, the hill station is thronged by hordes of tourists in the winter months too. Mount Abu holiday packages can be picked for any month to explore three aspects of the town, namely religion, culture and adventure.


Several myths and legends are associated with the place that gives it a rich historical and religious aura. One story says that Sage Vashishtha had a feud with the future Sage Vishwamitra, following which he came here to live. Another legend says that a serpent, named Arbuda, had once helped Nandi – the mount of Lord Shiva – at the site. Considering the place sacred, numerous temples were built in and around the hill station. The most significant temples to visit during a Mount Abu tour are the Jain shrines of Dilwara.

There are five temples at the site, built between the 11th and 16th centuries, by different rulers. The pillars, walls and ceilings of the shrines contain intricate carvings, with no design or pattern being repeated anywhere. Dattatreya temple, Adhar Devi temple and Rishikesh temple are more religious sites to visit in the area.


Thickly forest and somewhat rugged hills around the town allow visitors to indulge in numerous adventure activities. Mount Abu packages may be availed to engage in rappelling and rock-climbing, owing the abundance of hills, cliffs and boulders. Another adventure activity that is popular among travellers coming here is trekking along nature trails. Camping is possible at a number of sites within Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary after due permission from the government. Over 100 types of plants, including trees, vines, shrubs, orchids, wild roses and algae, are found here. The south-western part of the protected territory has a dense growth of bamboo. While camping here, tourists can try to spot leopards, deer, jungle cats, civets, jackals, hyenas, wild boars, sloth bears and pangolins.


A Mount Abu tour can be taken in May or December to attend the Summer Festival and Winter Festival, respectively. A procession, going through the streets towards Nakki Lake, begins each festival. Performances by folk artists from Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and Haryana are organised after the procession. Staking races, boat races, tug of war and musical chair few of the competitions, held during the festivals. The celebrations come to a close with dazzling displays of firecrackers that light up the entire area.

By availing Mount Abu packages, tourists can easily explore these three aspects of this beautiful hill station.