Udaipur Tour Packages- An Ideal Way to Explore the City of Lakes

Discover the romantic aspect of the majestic Rajputs while visiting Udaipur, which is informally known as the most romantic city in India. The location of this popular tourist destination amidst the Aravalli Mountains in Rajasthan is bound to make travellers fall in love with it. Globetrotters can experience the natural beauty of this place with picturesque lakes set on the forefront with huge mountains as the backdrop. Udaipur tour packages offer travellers  scheduled trips to experience the unsullied landscapes of this region. Plan out the next vacation trip to this enchanting city of Udaipur across the Great Indian Desert with family and friends for an amazing experience.

Ideal Tourist Hotspot for Vacationers

Like most other locations in the state of Rajasthan, this region also has a variety of attractions to amaze every traveler. It has something to charm tourists with different taste, and the unending splendour of this area is wonderfully depicted by its pristine lakes, colossal monuments, imposing palaces, vibrant festivals and fairs. Be it the architectural beauties or the colourful attire of the locals, tourists from far and wide would always find something to their delight. Having the correct blend of lively ambiance with gaiety as well as the raw desolate natural beauty, this region has emerged as one of the favored locations for organizing honeymoon tours in India.

Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake

Rajasthan, being the kingdom of Rajputs for centuries, reflects a strong influence of their architectural pattern and craftwork in its massive monuments and forts. Apart from these structures, which are regarded as a forte of Rajputs, the lakes of Udaipur have made this place immensely popular, so much so that it has earned the sobriquet of the City of Lakes in India. Among these, there is hardly any other water body more famous in this region than Pichola Lake. Situated alongside the famous City Palace, it draws travellers from around the world for its amazing shores and crystal clear waters. For the locals as well as enthusiastic tourists, separate ghats have been established to take a bath in its cool waters.

Serene Gardens

Walking amidst the magnificent palaces in this area, visitors are able to reminisce the luxurious lifestyle of its imperial rulers of the bygone era. The palatial buildings are masterpieces when it comes to architecture as well as remind of the authority with which the Rajputs ruled their territories despite constant threats of Mughal invasions. This region also has a number of quaint gardens, which are well-kept and maintained to nurture and preserve their natural beauty. Tourists can go for a walk in these gardens and experience their calm and serene ambience. These gardens also serve as popular picnic spots for locals as well as tourists who visit this place.


Travel portals in India as well as popular trip organisers around the globe arrange excursions and trips to this destination. Visitors can choose from the various itineraries available on these websites and select the one that suits the best.