Factors Boosting Online Travel and Yatra’s Initiative to Meet this Demand

The Indian travel and tourism industry is all set to grow at a thunderous rate over the coming years. The sector is estimated to grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% up to 2023, which pegs India as the third fastest growing tourism destination over the next decade. The burgeoning industry owes its growth to a plethora of factors.

Factors that Boost Online Travel Industry:

1) Increasing internet and mobile penetration: India has the third largest base of internet users in the world and it is expected to take the number two position, very soon. M-commerce and mobile apps are the new way of boosting business and this sector is expected to see major growth. The travel industry too is following suite and now booking your dream vacation is actually just a click away.

2) Burgeoning middle class: The middle class population is expected to grow at a steady rate in the next decade. And with increasing incomes and the growing spending power of the middle class, frequent vacations both domestic and international, are high on the radar of the middle class. Long weekends, school vacations etc. regularly finds consumers taking a break from the daily rigmarole of life and going on holiday.

3) Plastic Money: Increasing use of plastic money or credit and debit cards has now made booking a vacation an almost seamless affair. Now there is no need to go to the bank and withdraw money to book a ticket or hotel. Infact the number of deals being offered by portals for payments made through credit cards is high. Banks and financial institutions are also making use of this opportunity and incentivising their customers to use their cards.

4) Highly competitive rates: Both airlines and hotels are regularly indulging in fare wars making it a win-win situation for customers. Tickets as low as Rs 1000 are being offered by airlines. Hotels too, are fast engaging in means that will increase their occupancy rates. Hotels in tier 3 and 4 are offering comfortable rooms at throw away prices. This is making travel a very pocket friendly and an endearing recreation opportunity for people.

Yatra, an online travel portal is a one stop shop for all kinds of travel services. From hotels, to tickets, to travel itineraries, especially customised for it’s customers, Yatra is a favourite of one and all. Recently it was recognised as India’s Most Trusted Online Brand by The Economic Times survey of 2015.
Keeping in the mind the exponential growth expected in tourism, Yatra has extended its platform to all tour and travel operators under the Yatra Partner Program.

Yatra Partner Program
Absolutely unique and first of it’s kind, Yatra has launched the ‘Yatra Partner Program’, an amazing platform where tour and travel operators can exhibit their holiday packages online, under their very own brand name. This concept brings tour operators and travellers under one umbrella.
This incredible concept gives travel operators the opportunity to reach out to 14 million monthly visitors. They can list their holiday packages for free on Yatra website while enjoying commision at lowest industry rate.
Moreover, with simple payment gateways, message facility to directly connect with customers and with an ultra modern tech platform to market various kinds of holiday packages, this delightful concept will surely help boost Indian tourism.

Therefore, Yatra is the best online market place for tour and travel operators and beckons them to join hands in creating many more happy travellers. Register yourself for the <Yatra Partner Program> and reach out to millions of customers on India’s leading travel portal – Yatra.com

Written by Pallak Bhatnagar, Yatra.com


Customer is King – As Tour and Travel Operators Join Yatra.com

Every year, an estimated 4000 tour and travel operators in India help organise family vacations. However, it sometimes becomes a hassle to rope in customers either due to lack of credibility of the tour operators or due to inability of the tour operator to reach out to the target audience. Hence a tour operator’s job is certainly not an easy one!

Winds of Change
However times have changed and so has the travel industry. With a boom in the Indian e-commerce industry – shopping, fashion and travel options are now just a click away for consumers. However with so many sites vying for consumer attention, making a mark in the digital space is not an easy game, and companies need to invest money and efforts to establish their brands.
As a travel operator, if you are looking to boost your travel business and taking it to a higher scale, then you have an easy option. Partner with Yatra.com and immediately get online visibility by getting your holiday packages listed for free on Yatra.com

Why Yatra?
Yatra receives an estimated 6 lakh page views daily and also receives a lot of traffic through it’s recently launched mobile app. So undoubtedly, as a travel operator one will be reaching out to a huge audience. Also you don’t need to worry about losing out on your brand name – as your packages will be on Yatra.com under your own name!
Yatra with its Yatra Partner Program, provides a unique platform for tour and travel operators to showcase their domestic and international holiday packages online. This distinctive concept brings tour operators and customers under one roof and in direct contact with each another.

Customer is King
As a customer, one can avail many discounts and get a wide variety in terms of holiday packages, besides total transparency on which tour operator you are dealing with. Visit a historical site or spend your days lazing around at a beach in leisure. The holiday packages in this marketplace are flexible, suiting the needs of travellers. Hence, there is something for everybody out here!
With a facility where the vendors and the customers can connect directly through a chat system, the process of booking a holiday is now easy and less time consuming. A live platform where people plan happy memories.

In sum:
Therefore, Yatra is the perfect online market place for tour and travel operators in India. Register yourself on the Yatra Partner Program and reach out to millions of customers at India’s leading travel portal, Yatra.com

Written by Pallak Bhatnagar, Yatra.com

Top Marvellous Areas to Visit Mussoorie in Summer Vacations.

The queen of hills – Mussoorie – is a beautiful town, located about 6580 feet above sea level in the state of Uttarakhand. As with most hill stations in India, it was founded by the British. Roaming through the streets of the town, travelers will be able to see numerous buildings of colonial origin. From the destination, thickly forested hills and snow covered peaks behind them are visible. Mussoorie packages can be availed for coming here any time of the year; though the monsoon months of June, July and August should be avoided. Walks can be taken through the quaint parts of the town to enjoy serenity and to look at natural scenery. The Mall Road is the principle shopping area of the place and a lot of buildings here speak of the legacy of the British. Company Garden and Christ Church are two marvellous sites to visit while here.

Company Garden   

A good picnic and recreational spot to visit by picking Mussoorie tour packages is Company Garden. It is just about 5.5 km from Library Bus Stand; hence, it can be reached with cycle rickshaws or on foot. Conceived, designed and laid like a colonial garden, it has a rich classical charm. The lush and well-maintained grassy lawns here are ideal to sit back and relax. As travelers enter the site, they are greeted by an octagonal water fountain with four spouts. Stone pathways and steps lead to the different sections of the garden; some of which are at different heights as the region is hilly. A variety of trees, including tall and massive deodars, grow here in abundance. There is even a log cabin in the park to further add to the imperial atmosphere. A number of flowers like petunias and dahlias can be seen in the on-site nursery. The newly-constructed artificial lake, where boating is organized, is another highlight of the place.

Christ Church

The most famous colonial building to see with Mussoorie packages is Christ Church. It is a marvel of neo-Gothic architecture and its construction was completed in 1836. During the initial years, it existed as a simple church building, and many of its current structures like the Gothic roof, transepts and chancel were built in 1853. In its front courtyard, is a tall deodar tree, planted in 1906 by the then Princess of Wales. The church is known for its stained glass windows, containing pre-Raphaelite art that developed in England in the 19th century. Several plaques and tablets inside the nave carry eulogies of some important British officials who died in the 19th century. The most striking feature inside the building is an early 19th century grand pipe organ.

Exploring these two marvelous sites with Mussoorie tour packages is a great way to see the rich imperial legacy of the town.

3 Exciting Adrenaline Rush Adventures with Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages.

Arunachal Pradesh, situated on the north-eastern tip of India, is a Himalayan state that stretches from plains of the Brahmaputra Valley in the south to the soaring mountain peaks in the north. It is fondly referred to as Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains as it is the first Indian state to be greeted by the rising sun. Arunachal Pradesh tour packages are the best way to explore this Himalayan land to its fullest. Endowed with high mountain peaks, gushing waterfalls, sparkling rivers, and exotic flora and fauna, this state is truly a land of endless beauty.

From emerald mountainous backdrops to pilgrimage and historical edifices, this hilly state caters to all choices and tastes of travellers. Some of the popular attractions that can be visited with Arunachal Pradesh holiday packages are Namdapha National Park, Bomdila, Malinithan Temple, Buddha Vihar and Pasighat.

In addition to this, travellers can also enjoy the adrenaline rush for enthralling adventures on offer here. The thrilling terrains of the mountains and valleys, challenging rapids of splashing waters and vast expanse of dense woods, offer ample opportunities to indulge in adventure sport. Here is a list of popular adventure activities that travellers can enjoy during their visit to this Himalayan land.


For those who seek to explore the unexplored with their Arunachal Pradesh tour packages, the enthralling and breathtaking trails of the region await their visit. Tucked away in the heart of the Himalayas, this place is a land of zigzag valleys, high mountains and lush forests. It offers an exciting range of trekking trails for adventure enthusiasts. Some of the most popular treks of the region are Bomdila-Seppa, Daporijo-Taksing, Pasighat-Mariang, Along-Mechuka and Daporijo-Along.

Those who have more than a fortnight in hand can also explore the Gorichen and Mechuka treks. Spanning through highs and lows, these treks are a bit more strenuous and challenging. With its limitless options of trekking, this state is sure to compel adventurers to come back for more.

River Rafting

Being a home to one of the mightiest rivers on earth – the Brahmaputra River – this place is the most sought-after destination for enjoying river rafting. Hordes of rafters from all across the globe come over here to enjoy the raging speeds of rivers. The mighty Brahmaputra River, gushing down from the scaling heights, offers exciting experience of enjoying the thrilling rapids. Some of the major destinations in the state for river rafting are Kameng, Subansiri, Siang and Dibang. Arunachal Pradesh is a haven for river rafting and the best time to go for it is November to March, right after the monsoons.


Climbing uphill the eastern Himalayas is always a dream for explorers. With its soaring and snow-capped mountains peaks, this state offers ample opportunities for hiking and climbing. The wonderful topography of the rocky terrains and dense rainforests add a bit more spice to the hiking expedition during Arunachal Pradesh holiday packages.

Encompassing extensive topographical diversity, this place beckons adventure lovers from all across the globe. These 3 above-mentioned adventure sports are sure to make holidays to this state, an unforgettable experience that adventurers will love to cherish all their life.