How to Reach Kodaikanal and What to See

India is a land of diverse cultures and ancient heritage passed on from a legacy of several generations. Beautiful locations and scenic natural resources are its well-known features that attract hordes of travellers every year from across the globe. The southern region of India offers some magnificent destinations, which are replete with natural beauty and are a treat to the eyes. Tamil Nadu is one of such state in the Indian Peninsula. Surrounded by significant natural resources like Anamalai and Nilgiri hills, Eastern Ghats and Indian Ocean, Tamil Nadu comprises picturesque green cover, splendid hills and pleasing weather. Ooty, Yercaud, Yelagiri and Kodaikanal are some of the popular hill stations of this place, which attract thousands of travellers every year.

How to Reach

Kodaikanal is a small hill station located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. The beauty of this place has made it popular among tourists as Princess of Hill Stations. Reaching this location is not a hard task as the place is well-connected to all major neighbouring cities and towns. The nearest airport is Madurai, which is around 120 kilometres away. Other feasible options include Trichy Airport and Coimbatore Airport. Tourist, also consider taking a train journey till Kodai Road Railway Station, which is about 80 kilometres away from here or the Palani Railway Station, which is around 64 kilometres away. After deboarding at the railway station, visitors can hire a taxi to reach from Kodai Road to Kodaikanal.

Taking a bus is another alternative to reach this destination as regular services are provided from several major cities like Chennai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore and Madurai. Prior bookings of these services are advisable for easy and comfortable journey. Travellers, sometimes, prefer self-driven vehicles to reach the destination as this enables them to enjoy the scenic landscapes that pass through the route. Kodaikanal can be easily reached from Chennai, which is at a distance of about 440 kilometres, via road and from Bangalore, it is around 300 kilometres. From Madurai, the place is accessible within four hours, but driving to this location calls for proper precautions to be taken by travellers to cover this long route comfortably.

What to See

Kodaikanal Lake – a 24-hectare lake, commissioned in around 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, is considered the central point of this place. There is a boathouse is constructed at this location that was opened for tourists in around 1932. The eastern side of this lake houses Bryant Park, which is well-known for its spectacular collection of graft and hybrid flowers. Numerous fine varieties of beautiful flowers present in the glasshouse at this place are exported. In the month of May, each year, a flower show is organised at this place that receives a large number of spectators.

At a distance of around 4 kilometres of the lake lies the Solar Physical Observatory, which is at a height of about 2343 metres. This observatory, which was founded in late 1980s, is visited by hundreds of people for observation of planets and stars. A prior appointment and knowledge of visiting hours will let travellers have a pleasing trip to this attraction.

Coakers Walk is a hill-edged pathway that runs on the southern side of Kodai, along a steep slope. Some of the best views of the plains are available from this place. This hill station also features a religious site known as Kurinji Andavar Temple, located at distance of about 3 kilometres. Dedicated to Lord Muruga, this shrine is associated with the popular kurinji flowers, which bloom only once in every 12 years. The main deity – Lord Muruga is revered as God of the Hill and hence, the temple is named as Kurinji Andavar – meaning Hill God.

Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the nearby amazing valleys and towns through chargeable telescopes at the Telescope House situated at Coakers Walk. Green valley View is positioned near to the golf club and provides splendid views of the Vaigai Dam below. The Pillar Rocks, located at some distance from the Kodaikanal Lake, consisting a set of three rocks, standing tall at a height of around 122 metres.

On a tour to this picturesque destination, making a trip all these places is a must for a holiday like never before.


Experience Brachem Spectare – A Magical Phenomenon at Coakers Walk Courtesy Kodaikanal Tour Packages

Nestled in the Didingul district of Tamil Nadu lies the famous hill station of Kodaikanal. Surrounded by the majestic Palini Hills of the Western Ghats, this place has a pristine environment and natural beauty. Located at an elevation of 7200 m above sea level, this hill station encompasses splendid waterfalls, huge rocks and picturesque landscape. Some of the top attractions of this hill station include the Byrant Park, Bear Shola Falls, Coakers Walk, Green Valley, Pillar Rocks and Guna Caves. Of these, the most fascinating one is the Coakers Walk. If you wish to visit this amazing places, then choose from any of the Kodaikanal tour packages available online.

Coakers Walk

Coakers Walk is a road situated at the edge of southern slopes and a kilometre away from Kodaikanal Lake. This road was constructed by Lt. Coaker in 1872 and offers a spectacular view of the low lying plains. On a cloudless day, tourists throng to this road for mesmerising views of the Pambar River valley, which lies to its southeast. This place has gained popularity for a natural atmospheric phenomena known as – Brachem Spectare. The phenomenon is that when a person is on standing on the road facing the clouds with sun behind, then the shadow of the person can be seen of the clouds with a rainbow halo on them.

The Telescope House located on this road has an observatory, where tourists can view the splendid valleys of the nearby region. A 7 km hike along the road leads to the Pillar Rocks, where nature lovers can admire breathtaking view of valleys surrounding this hill station.

Visitors are required to buy a ticket to enter this road. To enjoy scenic beauty at its best, make your plans to visit this beautiful hill station. Choose from the best Kodaikanal Tour Package deals offered by travel websites to experience the best of this place.