The 15 Most Popular Yoga Destinations in India

Through meditation and various body poses, the ancient Indian science of Yoga seeks to make practitioners disciplined and ultimately lead them to moksha or eternal salvation. In recent times, it has become so popular that its practice is bringing lots of tourists to India. There are hordes of places in the country where vacations can be planned to practice and learn about this science. The following is a list of the top 15 Yoga destinations in the country:

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Without a doubt, Rishikesh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is the biggest Yogic centre in the entire world. It is the foremost destination that travellers come to during their vacation trips in India for a wholesome relaxing and divine experience. Visitors can come here directly by train from New Delhi or take trains first to Haridwar, followed by a short bus journey.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Many Yoga sites here are located by the Arabian Sea, while some are nestled deep in pristine palm forests, providing a perfect setting to indulge in meditative activities. So while visitors are enjoying their beach holidays, they can also consider taking classes in these places for a really good time.

Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is known for a distinct type of this discipline that developed here. In this form, the duration of the sessions and the difficulty level of the asanas depend on the expertise of students. People can plan their tours to the city easily as it has good transport connectivity with other places in India.

Pune, Maharashtra

Many notable practitioners have their teaching centres here and hence, Pune too is known for its Yogic culture. The best thing about the city is that besides yogic ashrams, there are many other attractions to visit for tourists. Its places of interest include medieval forts, museums, hills, temples and public parks.

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Those who want to learn about the Buddhist influence on Yoga and its influence on the religion can plan their vacations in Dharamshala. Peace is the dominating philosophy associated with the science here and the backdrop of high mountains makes it even better.


Goa is famous worldwide for its beaches, which make romantic and family trips here highly sought-after. While travellers are enjoying their time together in the state, they may turn to any of the resorts that provide lessons in Yogic practices. Dabolim Goa International Airport has seasonal flights from and to many international cities apart from the regular services to Indian cities.

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

A popular Yoga destination in Tamil Nadu is Coonoor, which is located in the Western Ghats, thus providing sheer tranquillity for its practise. Holidays in Coonoor may also be utilised to see its natural beauty, trekking through the hills or visiting the nearby hill station of Ooty.

Narendranagar, Uttarakhand

Another such famous destination in Uttarakhand is Narendranagar. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and so the climate here is cool, but not extremely cold and perfect for indulging in this activity. As it is near to the holy twin-towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh, pilgrimage tours to these places may be modified to include Narendranagar, as well.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

A great destination to visit during vacations in South India to purify the body, mind and soul, is Chennai. Post touring the capital city of Tamil Nadu or after playing some beach volleyball, a relaxing meditative session at the Yoga ashrams or resorts here sounds like a remarkable plan.

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bengaluru, the IT hub of India, is a raging urban centre with loads of attractions to visit. The presence of institutes of famous Yoga preachers and spiritual leaders makes it a good place to learn about and practise it.

Munger, Bihar

Trips can be taken to Munger to learn in detail about the Bihar style of the Yogic science, along with practising it with experienced gurus. Various institutes here educate visitors about monastic life and advanced stages of the practice.

Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is also the place where the first organised Yoga centre in the world was set up. Loads of international tourists come here during holidays and head to any of such centres and practise it.

Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Haridwar holds roughly the same importance as Rishikesh when it comes to this culture. The Ganga River flows through here and its banks become the perfect spots to indulge in this meditative and spiritually cleansing activity.


The Kashmir region is surely famous for its natural beauty and ski resorts, but another thing that it is known for is a type of Yoga with its roots in Shaivism. There are numerous institutes in the region, where travellers may enrol during their tours in the state to learn in detail about it.

New Delhi

Being the capital of India, New Delhi has also become an important destination from the perspective of this science. There are numerous institutes here that provide lessons and practise in this discipline. The Indian Government too has established various centres for the practise, research and promotion of this art.


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Kashmir Holidays and the Legendary Silk Road

Silk Road

Silk Road

The Silk Road in Kashmir is a path that people from all walks of life, from craftsmen to monks and merchants to soldiers have tread. The road takes travellers across a region in the high mountains, which is known as the land of death according to local legends. Cutting across varied landscapes from cold desert at one point to lush green vegetation at another, it is one of the oldest trade routes known to human civilisation. Visiting this legendary path can be one of the most memorable experiences for people planning to go on Kashmir holidays.

Silk Road, a connector of West and East from times well before Christ, is a collection of multiple interconnected routes along which trade has flourished for thousands of years. The cultural exchange that has taken place due to the existence of this route has played an important part in connecting this region with the rest of the world.

Remnants of the Road

After boundaries of the modern world came into existence, this path was out  of bounds for common people, but international trade still thrives along the established routes. Only a portion of the path that lies in each respective country is available for leisure travellers to visit. This path connects Europe to Asia through Turkey and reaches the Nubra Valley in India from Kashgar in China. From there, it carries on downwards to the overwhelmingly beautiful district of Leh. Next stop is Kargil, a town that shares the Indian border with Pakistan, and finally Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. Any self professed travel lover looking for holiday packages India would do himself a real favor by making a pilgrimage to this legendary path.


A trip along the Silk Road has plenty of places to see and even more things to do. A shikara ride or floating on a houseboat for a night on the famous Dal Lake are sure to bring flashbacks from favourite Bollywood movies. Beyond the Zozila Pass, one of the many almost vertical mountain passes along the way, lies the historic town of Kargil from where many Silk Route traders hailed. Descendants of these traders have converted their houses into small museums, where artefacts such as pashmina clothing, ornaments, utensils and weapons that were once bartered are displayed.

The route from Kargil to Leh draws gasps and cries of amazement. Leh Valley is a trip in itself complete with epic landmarks like Khardung La, which is the highest motorable road in the world and Pangong Tso, an azure salt water lake that lies across the boundaries of two nations. Nubra Valley, beyond Leh, is completely cut off from the rest of the world for most part of the year. The sight of double hump-backed camels and yaks gives the feeling of having been transported to a different place.

Jammu and Kashmir- One of the Best Locations for Holidays in India

With diverse landscapes, ranging from snow-capped mountains, arid deserts and dense forests to palm-fringed seacoasts and lush green plains, India boasts of several interesting holiday destinations. The northern part of the country, set amidst the majestic Himalayan range, is particularly popular for its picturesque surroundings. Verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, snaking rivulets and snow-laden peaks abound in this region, which has compelled several tour operators to include it in popular holiday packages in India. One of the most talked about locations amidst these mountains is Jammu and Kashmir, which is often referred to Heaven on Earth. This state is perched at the top of the nation, thus giving optimum access to its hilly terrains.

Pahalgam – Ideal for trekking

Pahalgam, one of the several charming locations of this state, is situated at a height of 2130 m at the confluence of Lidder River and several other streams flowing out of Sheshnag Lake (Check it out on Google Maps). Its mountainous surroundings are perfect for trekking, which is one of the most practised adventure sports of this hilly town. Amarnath Yatra, a famous pilgrimage journey of Hindus, is also associated with this place. Thousands of devotees start this religious sojourn every year from Chandanwari, which is located near Pahalgam. The destination also takes pride in being the shooting location for several Indian films.

Srinagar – Paradise on Earth

Jammu and Kashmir Tour Package remains incomplete without a trip to Srinagar – the winter capital of the state. The most striking attraction of this place is undoubtedly Dal Lake, which is a must-visit for travellers from across the globe. Shikaras and houseboats are the best means to experience the paradisiacal beauty of this lake, set in the backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh

The place is also much-famed for its fascinating Mughal gardens that dominate its landscape, after lakes.

Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh are among the most frequented gardens in Srinagar that are reminiscent of the Mughal dynasty that ruled over the Indian sub-continent. The captivating beauty of this destination has been portrayed in numerous Indian movies.

Gulmarg – Suitable for Winter Sports

There are a number of legends associated with the beauty of Gulmarg, which is laden with green slopes and lush meadows. Multi-coloured flowers, which grow on its undulating slopes, add to its natural beauty. The region also makes ideal grounds for winter sports like skiing as it receives heavy snowfall, right from the end of November till mid-March. Gulmarg hosts some of the best slopes to learn and practise skiing that have been put to great use by amateurs and professionals alike. In the year 1998, the first National Winter Games of India were held at Gulmarg, which paved the path for many such similar events in the coming years. The location has now become a favourite haunt of adventure seekers, which has further boosted its tourism industry in the recent years.

Pamper Your Taste Buds with Kashmiri Wazwan during Kashmir Holidays

Leading travel websites offer various tour packages in India, but a tour to Kashmir remains the most sought-after one. Kashmir allures tourists from across the country owing to its scenic beauty; however, this place is not only about picturesque landscape but a lot more such as religious shrines, handicrafts and delicious food. Speaking of food, one of the famous cuisine of this place is called Kashmiri Wazwan, which is a 36 course meal. The secret of this cuisine lies in the records of history when Timur, a Turkic ruler, invaded Kashmir in 1398 AD. After this invasion, many cooks from Samarkand (native place of Timur) migrated here to serve the ruler and his kin, and brought along the recipe for this mouth-watering meal. If you are planning a vacation trip to this amazing destination, then do try this 36 course meal, and chances are that you might just fall in love with it. You can avail any of the Kashmir tour packages available online to come and enjoy here.

 Kashmiri Wazwan

This meal was once cooked for royal people, but today, it is relished at festivities and restaurants. Although this cuisine has an influence of Afghan, Central Asian and Iranian cooking styles, the aroma of Indian spices added to it brings out a unique blend. A lot of detailing goes into the preparation of Kashmiri Wazwan and more so in serving it in a traditional way.

 The preparation of this cuisine is considered an art and is supervised by a head chef. Dishes of this banquet include Nadir Yakhn (lotus stem in yogurt sauce), Aab Gosht (spicy lamb curry), Rista (meatballs in a spicy red gravy), Gushtaba (meatballs having velvety texture in yogurt gravy) and Phirni (dessert). This aromatic meal can be tasted at popular eating joints. Your Kashmir holidays can be wonderful in many ways, and one such reason could be Kashmiri Wazwan.

Admire the Jewel in the Crown of India with Kashmir Tour Packages

20080423_sa0247The valley of Kashmir, rightly termed as Paradise on Earth, offers a memorable escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Situated amidst snow-covered Himalayas and beautiful rivers, this place is hard to forget. The rich cultural heritage and enchanting landscape is the reason why people call Kashmir a Heaven on Earth. Visiting this quiet and captivating valley is convenient with a number of Kashmir tour packages available online. In order to make your trip convenient and hassle free, it is advisable to choose a package from a trusted travel portal.

Explore the Magical Valley

Kashmir holidaysKashmir attracts nature lovers from all over the world with its enchanting landscapes, beautiful lakes and mountains. They can explore this stunning place by taking a Shikara ride in the world famous Dal Lake. If you love adventure, then Gulmarg is the place where you need to be during Kashmir holidays. Another popular attraction here is Pahalgam, which is known as the starting point of the religious Amarnath Yatra. Sonamarg is the base for the pass to the Amarnath Cave. Each and every place in Kashmir has a significance of its own. In fact, the beauty of Kashmir can be admired in several Indian films like Betaab, Kashmir Ki Kali, Mission Kashmir, Yahan and Roja.

Kashmir tour packages Grab the Best Travel Deal

Restoration of peace in the valley has played a vital role in the improvement in tourism in the  region. Almost all travel portals offering tour packages in India provide packages for Kashmir. These packages include hotel booking, ticket booking and car rentals, among others. Some of these even come with special seasonal offers. Just choose a suitable package and explore this heavenly place without any hiccups.