Witnessing the Rich Wildlife of India in Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu is a district in southern Karnataka, towards its border with Kerala. It lies in the Western Ghats, covering an area of approximately 4102 square kilometres. The lowest elevation of the region is 900 metres and the highest is 1750 metres above sea level, at the summit of Mount Tadiandamol. Its history has not been established as the artefacts, unearthed in the region, have not been dated yet. The Cholas absorbed the region into their territory in the 11th century and in the 12th, faced rebellion from the local chieftains. For the next seven centuries, various dynasties fought against each other to claim sovereignty over the area. In 1834, the British became successful in deposing the incumbent king and establishing their reign.



Since the Indian independence, the district has gained prominence as a tourist destination, with Coorg holidays being an ideal way for people to come here.



Talakaveri, Iruppu and Mallalli falls, Nisargadhama island and Nagarahole National Park are some of its popular attractions.

Nagarahole National Park


The Nagarahole National Park is basically a tiger reserve, established in 1999. About 6000 square kilometres of the Nilgiri Range of the Western Ghats, is occupied by this reserve. Its name comes from the Hindi word naga, meaning snakes, which refers to streams. More than 50 small and large streams and rivers flow through the national park, making the area highly fertile. Besides these, a number of natural and artificial lakes and ponds, act as important water sources for its inhabitants. The vegetation of the region is deciduous and trees like teak, rosewood, sandalwood and oak grow here, making it of high commercial significance. Other types of vegetation here are saj, crepe myrtle, kino, kadam and cotton. Clover, horse nettle, helicteres, lantana and bonesets are some other tree types in the park. Herbivores of the area probably feast on gooseberries and figs, which grow in abundance over here.

Carnivores, that live here, consist of tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears and hyenas. Various species of deer, gaurs and elephants make up the major herbivores of the region. About 6500 elephants inhabit the reserve and can sometimes be seen, relishing bamboo, which grows here in plenty. Visitors may also be able to spot jackals, wild boars, civets, mongooses, pangolins, hares, squirrels and porcupines while they roam around. The bird life of the park is equally rich with over 270 kinds. It is a hotspot for winged scavengers, such as spotted and grey-headed fish eagles and white-backed and red-headed vultures. Apart from these, pigeons, parakeets, hornbills, ibis, treepies, barbets, babblers and many other types of birds can also be found here. Some of the reptiles that are spotted here are mugger crocodiles, rock pythons and toads. Several small rodents are preyed upon by venomous crawlers, including Russell vipers, vine, wolf and rat snakes, and common kraits.

Visiting Information


Wildlife enthusiasts can enter the protected are between 6 am and 9 am in the morning and between 4 pm and 6:30 pm in the evening. During monsoons, the entry is prohibited to give the animals privacy in their mating season. Winters should be chosen to come here as the temperatures do not drop too much and the weather remains pleasant. Summers are moderately hot so it is also a good time to see its rich wildlife diversity.


Fabulous Fauna of Nagarhole in Coorg

Nestled in the expansive Western Ghats of Karnataka, Coorg is a district and holiday destination of South India. It is known for its scenic and scented coffee plantations, which cover large tracts of land. Quaint hamlets, undulating terrains, woody slopes and sparkling cascades adorn the landscape of this peaceful hill station, which is a paradise for nature lovers from all over the world. Another aspect of the region that draws the attention of tourists is its rich history, which is replete with sagas of brave warriors and colonial rule. Impressive buildings from the royal and colonial times are dotted across the district. Tourists coming on a Coorg trip are astonished by its pristine charm and well-preserved heritage, which together make it a perfect holiday getaway in the south. Apart from natural sights and historical sites, this place is famous for its large wildlife reserve – Nagarhole National Park.


An Excursion into the Wild


Alternatively known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Nagarhole National Park is a renowned wildlife conservation spot in the south of India. It falls under the geographical territory of two different districts in Karnataka – Mysore and Coorg. Nagarhole forms an integral part of its namesake biosphere reserve, which is tucked away in the Western Ghats. Initially formed as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955, Nagarhole was raised to its present status of a national park in 1983. In 1999, it was declared as a tiger reserve under the famous Project Tiger, which is a remarkable government initiative to preserve the endangered tiger population in India. It derives the name from two words – naga and hole, which mean snake stream when combined. The reason behind such naming is the presence of several perennial and non-perennial streams and rivers in the area.


The landscape of Nagarhole National Park is dotted with dense forests, rivers, valleys, hills and cascading mountainous streams. It is a significant site for the conservation of tigers, which are facing the threat of extinction. These majestic beasts can be seen roaming freely in the safe surroundings of this wildlife reserve. Other vulnerable species, which can be spotted in its natural locales, are Indian bison and Asian elephant. Leopards, wild dogs, jackals, hyenas, mongooses, sloth bears, hyenas, chitals and flying squirrels also have a notable population at this place.


Nagarhole has been marked as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International, which is an international partnership of organisations involved in the task of conserving avian species. More than 270 bird species have been recognised in this national park till date. This count includes the endangered oriental white-backed vulture, lesser adjutant, spotted eagle and Nilgiri wood pigeon. Avid birdwatchers taking Coorg packages are sure to feel delighted on coming to this destination.


Apart from terrestrial and avian population, the national park is home to several reptiles. Indian mugger, vine snake, wolf snake, Russell pit viper, rat snake, bamboo pit viper, krait, Indian rock python, common toad and Indian monitor lizard are the reptile species, which inhabit this forested region.

Visit the Majestic Omkareshwara Temple Courtesy Coorg Packages

Coorg, a beautiful hill station nestled in the Western Ghats, is a perfect getaway destination in the southern part of India. This tourist spot is one of the most famous destinations in Karnataka. The landscape of this picturesque region boasts of gurgling waterfalls, verdant forests, hill slopes and most important of all, the sprawling coffee plantations across its terrains. In olden times, this area was under the rule of various dynasties, who left behind their influence in the form of impressive architecture. There are many religious shrines, forts and palaces in this region, which depict the classic architecture of those days. If you want to know about Coorg in detail, then you can look for travel portals that aim at providing best holiday packages for this destination.

Omkareshwara Temple: Shrine of Lord Shiva

The Omkareshwara Temple, which is situated in the Madikeri town, is an important place of worship in Coorg. This temple was built in the early 19th century by King Lingarajendra II, in order to please the spirit of a priest whom he killed out of greed. It is said that the spirit of the deceased priest haunted the king for many days and stopped the troubling activities only after a Shivalinga was brought from the sacred town of Kashi. This story can be found written on the copper plate that is installed at the entrance door of the temple. The architecture of this temple resembles that of Muslim religious shrines and features four elevated minarets and a large dome. The shrine of Lord Shiva is kept near the main entrance.

If you want to travel to this beautiful place that also has a vivid history, then different Coorg packages available with leading travel portals will help you. These packages offer services like travel, accommodation and excursion, which make for a great deal. Go for an attractive package online to visit this amazing place and catch a glimpse of its rich past.

Explore the Flora and Fauna of Coorg with Vacation Packages India

Acknowledged as the Scotland of India, Coorg has gained importance as one of the prime tourist destinations in the country. This hill station is nestled in the state of Karnataka and attracts visitors from all over the world owing its stunning picturesque beauty. The waters of Cauvery River and its tributaries flow through this small hilly town, which is rich in natural vegetation and wildlife. Captivating canons, lush grasslands, majestic cascades and deep forest woods make this place a heavenly holiday spot, away from the bustling city life. The main attraction of this town is its coffee plantation, which is spread across vast regions. As this place has a dense forestation covering large terrains, it houses many wildlife conservation areas. Log on to the Internet and you will find a lot of vacation packages India deals that include full-fledged trips to Coorg and its nearby attractions.

Nagarahole National Park

A haven for many wildlife species, the Nagarahole National Park is a delightful holiday spot in Coorg for nature enthusiasts. Also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, this place derived its name from a narrow snake river that is a part of it. This national park gives you a chance to observe a variety of species in their undisturbed habitat. The giant Asiatic elephant can be seen flocking freely in this region, which makes for a rare sight. Another wild animal that is found in this park is Chital, a beautiful spotted deer. If your luck favours, then you can even get to see ferocious tigers and panthers. A number of mammals, reptiles and birds have made this national park their abode. Accommodation is not an issue while visiting this park as it has a number of hotels and lodges in the vicinity.

A Coorg trip is incomplete without exploring the wildlife of the hill station, and visiting this national park is a must. Hence, plan a vacation to this place and experience wonders of nature from close quarters.