Enjoying 3 Wonderful Adventures with Andaman Tourism

A renowned Sufi poet had once said, “If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here” for Kashmir; and truly, it is hard to disagree. Though one can disagree on the fact that Kashmir is not the only paradise on earth; there are numerous other destinations across the globe that can easily claim this recognition. One among them is the Andaman Islands, which lies in the Bay of Bengal, just off the mainland of India. These islands, 325 in total, are spread over an area of approximately 6400 sq km and dotted with pristine beaches, tropical and deciduous forests, and mangroves on the coast. Natural beauty is in abundance at this place, and thus, it attracts hordes of travellers from around the world, boosting Andaman tourism each year.

The archipelago of Andaman enjoys a moderate climate across the year, with temperatures hovering between 23 and 31 degree Celsius; though, humidity levels shoot up during the summer months. The best time to explore this destination is from October to May when the weather remains ideal for sightseeing, water sports and adventure activities. This destination is connected to the rest of India by air with regular flights to Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair as well as by sea with ships coming here from Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai. If you choose to travel by flight to the Andaman, which is by far the fastest way to reach here, then do keep your cameras ready to capture some fantastic aerial shots of the archipelago as you near Port Blair.

Adventure in Abundance

 Sightseeing has always been the first choice for most tourists to this destination, but in recent years, the trend has shifted more towards adventure activities, especially among couples, who come here on Andaman honeymoon packages.

Scuba Diving

 Diving into the deep blue sea waters of the Bay of Bengal, and swimming past schools of colorful fish, meandering through coral reefs and witnessing never-seen marine life is an experience that cannot be captured in words, but only felt; and this opportunity is provided by scuba diving experts at Havelock Island and Neil Island. You should definitely try out this activity, and as some say, you will love to do it over and over again.

Sea Walking

Imagine, how would you feel like walking across the seabed and witness marine life from up close? Well, it is possible in reality at the North Bay Island in Andaman. It is quite fun to go 10 metres deep into the sea, wear astronaut-like headgears and walk casually as if in a live museum of marine creatures. If you are an adventure seeker, then you should not miss out on this activity.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Another interesting activity to indulge in while in the Andaman is glass bottom boat ride. The best part about this activity is that people of any age can take this boat ride. This boat ride is conducted at Coral Island in North Bay, and gives opportunity to witness the sheer brilliance of marine life without having to go inside the water or wear any diving gears.

These 3 exciting adventures with Andaman packages will not only present you never-before fun, but memories that will you cherish forever.


Areas in Andaman Islands Where You Are Not Allowed To Go

Andaman Islands form a picturesque archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, and most of them belong to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the seven union territories of the federal nation of India. There are over 570 islands in this territory lying in the Indian Ocean, and around 38 of them are inhabited. Earlier, they were used as isolated prisons by the British, but now, they have emerged as popular tourist destinations of the country, and are referred to as Emerald Islands. The scenic beauty of this place has been captured by many filmmakers and nature lovers. Apart from this, it is a perfect spot for adventure lovers, who can enjoy water sport like trekking, snorkelling and scuba diving amid nature. People looking for a peaceful getaway can easily bathe in sun on the sparkling beaches or take a walk in the tropical jungles. They can go to Port Blair – the capital of Andaman and the only entry/exit point of the archipelago. However, for the safety of travelers and tribes living in the region, there are certain rules that have to be followed by visitors. They also have to take special permissions from the government to explore this place.

In order to retain the charm and natural beauty of this place, visitors are prohibited from hunting animals and birds. After getting necessary permits, they can visit the National Parks, but are requested not to harm any flora or fauna of land or water. Popular attractions of this place include Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Chidiya Tapu, Cellular Jail, Mount Harriet Museum and Fisheries Museum. Holidays at this place allow tourists to witness some of the most prized delights of nature. However, people willing to go to Andaman and Nicobar Islands have to get special tribal passes provided by respective authorities. Those who try to trespass are punished severely, and mingling with tribal people is also considered as an offence.

Forest Areas

Travellers are prohibited to go to the forests either with guides or on their own. There are several reasons for this; most important among them being the comfort of tribes. The aborigine tribes living in the forests of Andaman Islands are facing extinction and have been listed in the endangered list. They prefer privacy and are quite sensitive about it; hence, an attempt to mingle with them may result in unwanted incidences. Apart from this, the government also requests visitors to stay out of their way.

Restriction Regarding Timings

Tourists are asked to stay in their hotel after the sunset. Staying in forest areas or beaches is strictly prohibited, and people are not allowed here. They also cannot light bonfires as it is a punishable offence along with setting up tents or hammocks along beaches or in forests.

Beach Rules

All corals and seashells are examined by the officials of Fisheries Department before travellers can take them along. They are not allowed to collect dead corals spread across the sea as well as touching or breaking them. While swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, tourists are advised to take care of the warnings of lifeguards. Entering in restricted areas can prove to be a dangerous act, and apart from fines and punishments, they may also have to face dangers of the sea and health hazards. Hence, it is suggested that they take help of lifeguards in any doubtful situation. However, swimming during monsoons is prohibited as the level of danger rises significantly in these months.

Special Permits

Indian tourists need to apply for permissions regarding the visit with the government and provide an identity card. Whereas, foreign visitors have to provide their passports, which goes through a thorough scrutiny and is then stamped by immigration authorities. They need to take the permit at the airport or harbour from immigration officers present there. These permits are valid for 30 days, on which extension of 15 more days can be availed. However, they have to apply for extension three days before the expiry of the permit. The immigration authority is quite strict on these rules, and they also carry random checks at different attractions; hence tourists have to carry it with them all the time. Adhering to these rules and regulations will smoothen the travel, and allow travellers to enjoy the beauty of this place without worries.

The History of Andaman Islands

Andaman is a group of islands, situated in the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of India. Their mean elevation is equal to that of the sea, with the highest point being 2402 feet above sea level at the summit of the Saddle Peak. Together with the Nicobar Islands, they form one of the seven Union Territories of India. The largest city and the capital of this archipelago is Port Blair. Before undertaking an Andaman tour package, visitors may want to learn about the history of this island group. Based on archaeological studies, it is estimated that the region has been inhabited since the last 2200 years. However, cultural and genetic studies reveal that they may have been inhabited since the middle Palaeolithic Age, more than 30000 years ago. It has been theorised that during the great coastal migration some 200000 years ago, people from the African continent migrated to India and came here. The theory about the name of the archipelago says that it was derived from the word andoman, which is the Malay corruption for Hanuman – the Hindu deity.


Many ancient people like Ptolemy probably knew about the area and had a different name for it. Al-Ramhormuzi, a Persian explorer, has mentioned the region as being manifested by cannibals in his book Ajaib-al-Hind. In the 11th century, Rajendra I of the South Indian Chola Empire conquered this territory and used it as a strategic naval base to launch attacks on Sumatra. The first Europeans here were the Danish, who arrived on December 12, 1755. Due to the repeated malaria outbreaks, the territory was repeatedly abandoned by the colonisers. Kanhoji Angre, a Maratha admiral, made it his naval base and fought the British from here during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Colonial and WWII

The British in 1824 established a colony, what is now known as Port Blair in the Chatham Island. During the First Burmese War, it was a major stopover for the colonial armed forces. Through the next 20 years, sailors who shipwrecked here were killed by the natives. The 1857 rebellion urged the authorities to construct a prison on the isles to keep political activists. During WWII, the Japanese occupied the region and atrocities were conducted on prisoners and residents. Subhash Chandra Bose of the Indian National Army came here and hoisted the flag of Indian independence on 30th December, 1943. After the war ended, the Japanese left and gave the territory back to Britain.

Tsunami and Aftermath

The British government in 1947 and 1948 decided to employ inmates to develop the fisheries, timber production and agriculture in the area. In return, the prisoners were to allowed to set foot in their native Indian mainland. The colonial regime decided to relocated Anglo-Indians and Anglo-Burmese people to this area so that they could form a nation of their own, but this was never accomplished. Independent India took it as its own in 1950 and in 1956, declared it as an Union Territory. On 26th December, 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami, following the underwater earthquake, lashed the coast. However, the task of extensive restoration took place and the place was brought back to its glorious form. Andaman tour packages can be availed during any time of the year to explore the charm of this destination.

Andaman – A Honeymoon Paradise

Andaman is a group of 325 islands, which together cover an area of about 6480 km sq. They form a part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and are located in the Bay of Bengal. Most of the union territory is covered with deciduous forests and its wildlife includes various species of shrews, birds, horseshoe bats, rats, pigs, elephants, kraits and salt-water crocodiles. The region is in great demand among newly-wed couples, with more and more of them opting for honeymoon packages to this beautiful wave-lashed and sun-baked land. There are a number of hotels and resorts in this destination, and tourists can engage in a number of activities here.


Havelock is the most-visited isle in the region and is located in the southern district. It can be reached via ferries, which operate from Port Blair regularly. Ticket prices for these services are between INR 250 to INR 1100. Alternatively, travellers can also fly here from Port Blair in an eight-seater amphibious plane operated by Pawan Hans; the cost for which is INR 4100. The best beach in Havelock is in Radhanagar, which has white sands and is surrounded by lush forests. Swimming in the waters or snorkelling in the coral reefs are popular modes of enjoyment. Two other beaches are in the Elephant and Kalapathar villages. The period between January and May is ideal for coming here as the weather and diving conditions are good. It remains sunny and not much windy during this time while the sea is silent and reflects the pale azure beautifully.


The Diglipur town lies in the combined northern and middle district and is home to the Saddle Peak. At 732 metres, it is the highest point in the region and climbing to its top has become quite a sport. The waterfront in Ram Nagar attracts a lot of tourists who come to see turtles nesting there. Diglipur has an average elevation of 43 metres and is 290 km from Port Blair

Southern District

The southern district is equally sought-after by people and the two most-visited places are the islands of Neil and Little Andaman. Neil is quieter and less congested than Havelock and its beaches are mostly deserted, which makes it perfect for relaxing in the evening with a loved one. Marine shells can be found in abundance on and around the beaches, which also have a cave worth visiting. Radhanagar, Sitapur and Lakshmanpur waterfronts are ideal for snorkelling, swimming or traversing waves on a water scooter. The downing sun suddenly reddens the blue sky and this amazing natural phenomenon is best viewed from the Sunset Point.

Rainforests are widespread in the little isle as are several types of turtles. Other tourist magnets in this area are the White Surf and Whisper Wave Waterfalls. A 4 km long trek is required to reach the White Surf Falls, which are 25 km from the Hut Bay while the White Surf falls are only 6.5 km from there. Surfing and boating are common near the Hut Bay jetty and safaris to see elephants can be taken in the jungle. Many more attractions are located in this group of islets and an Andaman holiday can be planned to enjoy them all.

Popular Beach Destinations of Port Blair

One of the largest cities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair is termed as the Veritable Garden of Eden by the state tourism department. It is the capital city of the aforementioned union territory, which lies at the meeting point of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. It is home to people migrating from different towns and cities of India, as a result of which it consists of several ethnic groups, religions and faiths. This city houses certain sites and structures, which are known for their historical significance. People who like to visit these exotic destinations avail Port Blair packages to have a delightful travelling experience. Being situated on an island, the city features some mesmeric beaches, which are known for their picturesque charm.


Corbyn Cove Beach


Hordes of leisure travellers, spectacular environs and thick green coconut palms characterise the Corbyn Cove Beach of Port Blair. It is one of the busiest and favoured destinations in the vicinity as it is hardly 8 km away from the centre of the city. Travellers can enjoy driving to the place as they get to see splendid views of the Marina Park and the gleaming blue sea, which runs along the whole route. The place is dotted with several recreational options like water sports and local eating outlets. People coming here like to take an adventure ride in a jet ski or motor scooter.


A sea-facing dining venue here offers refreshing drinks and snacks while visitors can sit and relax on the blue bench lining, which provides a perfect view of the vistas around. Delicious South Indian cuisine can be savoured at certain nearby resorts. Other services at the location include hygienic and spacious changing rooms and bathrooms for the convenience of visitors. Apart from leisure and relaxing, visitors with a penchant for wildlife can take a visit to the place called the Snake Island by availing a motor boat. This place is home to several poisonous serpents. A souvenir shop is present on the beach, from where people can buy fancy items to take back as memorabilia. These souvenirs can be purchased at lower prices than the city.


Water sports and other related activities are facilitated here with proper arrangements and informatory guides to enable visitors have a wonderful and safe experience. The gleaming water of the beach is enough to rejuvenate the senses and fill them up with enthusiasm. It is easily reachable through well-connected routes, and the Port Blair Airport is roughly at a distance of 15 km from here.


Travellers on a long trip can easily find comfortable accommodation options near the beach. There are a large number of luxurious private and government resorts and guest houses in the city to choose from. People come here to spend a rejuvenating and delightful vacation away from the hectic and monotonous daily life, and take back great memories of the place to share with their near and dears. For this purpose, they look for family tour packages to enjoy such spectacular destinations with their loved ones.

India: A Perfect Getaway for Newly-weds

India – the land of beautiful beaches, ancient monuments, sacred sites, mighty Himalayas and the magnificent Taj Mahal – is among the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It is a place that completely captivates visitors with its richness and diversity. The tourism potential of this nation is far reaching and attracts a large number of tourists from across the globe. It is thronged by holidaymakers of all kinds, be it honeymooners, adventure seekers or family vacationers. To facilitate a hassle-free travel experience and make the entire sojourn of the people more convenient, various tour packages India are offered by travel agencies. Most of these deals include accommodation, transport and meal facilities, along with the provision of an itinerary.


What makes this country an ideal pick for honeymooners?


Newly-wed couples have a number of beautiful places to choose from around the world for planning their honeymoon. Out of the several options, India is notably one of the most-visited destinations by honeymooners. The reason being – it is a one-stop spot that caters to different travel requirements of  visitors. Whether planning for a relaxing beach vacation, a romantic ski trip, exotic cruise expedition or an adventurous getaway, this nation is a suitable honeymoon hot spot. Quoted as the Very Paradise on Earth by the renowned German scholar, Max Muller, this region is richly endowed with amazing natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The top crowd-pullers of this destination, which are frequented by newly-weds can be listed as Goa, Ooty, Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Srinagar, Coorg, Darjeeling, Kerala, Lakshadweep, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Tour to Andaman and Nicobar Islands


The clear blue aqua along with the velvety sand always tempts the honeymooners to explore their new phase of life in its midst. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is among the best-kept secrets of the country that draws couples from the world over. It is an enchanting destination, where newly-weds can kick back, relax, enjoy and create wonderful memories. Be it the white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees or lush green forests, there is plenty to delve into here. This region stretches over a length of more than 700 km from north to south, floating in the Bay of Bengal and east of the Indian mainland. It comprises 572 emerald Islands (out of which 36 are inhabited), islets and rocks. Port Blair the capital city of this place and is dotted with numerous attractions to explore. Water Sports Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Forest Museum, Samudrika Museum, Corbyns Cove and Havelock Island are few of the top-rated attractions on this mesmerising location.


Honeymooners can spend hours on-board in a glass-bottomed boat while they enjoy viewing the rich marine life right beneath their feet. They can further opt for adventurous water activities like snorkelling, canoeing, scuba diving and kayaking. The best way to explore the islands is to pick any one of the honeymoon India packages, which are thoughtfully and strategically planned according to the preferences of these couples. Each of these deals ensures to deliver the maximum privileges to the newly-weds at minimum cost.

An Archipelago Sojourn in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar, an archipelago of over five hundred islands of varying shapes and sizes, is a union territory of India. Many of the islands that make up the union are uninhabited, whereas some others have yet uncontacted indigenous tribal settlements. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, the place is a cornucopia of enchanting locales and forgotten history. The vegetation cover is chiefly tropical rainforests that contain a diverse mix of flora and fauna. Large number of species of animals as well as birds found here are locally restricted without any recorded existence in any other part of Indian Republic. A wide array of Andaman and Nicobar tour packages are being offered for travelers wishing to take a trip to this magnificent collective of islets.

Attractions and Activities

The attractions found here are aquatic in nature, and a visit to its different isles, each of which have their unique characteristics, can be a wonderful experience. It must be kept in mind, while availing Indian tour packages that it is the only place in the country, where underwater sports, such as snorkelling and scuba diving are offered.

Cellular Jail

Better known as Kala Pani, this jail had a notorious reputation during the days of the British occupation. Used to incarcerate mainly political prisoners, the jail was effective because of its isolation. Some of the famous revolutionaries who have been imprisoned here are Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar. It was infamous for the rigorous punishment meted out to inmates of which solitary confinement was one. After independence, the jail was turned into a national memorial and now, it plays host to visitors. Tours are conducted that showcase the history and highlight the struggle of activists during the independence movement.

Barren Island

Secluded from the world and located in a far corner is the sole active volcano of India and the Southern Asian region – Barren Island. This island remains so because of the frequent big and small eruptions. The most noticeable one took place in 2010.


The name Narcondam, meaning pit of hell, is a misnomer because the tiny island has a volcano that is actually dormant. Mud and smoke clouds have been reported to be seen now and then, but for all intents and purposes it is known to stay silent. Narcondam Hornbill is a bird that is found only on this small islet.


Slow urban development makes Havelock a paradise of sun-soaked beaches. It is a haven for the adventurous, who wish to indulge in underwater diving and related activities.


Rutland is a pristine gem visited by a few people, a fact that is responsible for the retention of its natural charm. Dotted with mangroves and coral reefs, this is an ideal spot for visitors desirous of staying for a few days at any of the beautiful seaside resorts.


One of the most visited of all tourist attractions, this is a place full of forests, caves and mud volcanoes.

 Great Nicobar

The largest of all Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar is home to Indira Point, the southern extreme of India.