Top Marvellous Areas to Visit Mussoorie in Summer Vacations.

The queen of hills – Mussoorie – is a beautiful town, located about 6580 feet above sea level in the state of Uttarakhand. As with most hill stations in India, it was founded by the British. Roaming through the streets of the town, travelers will be able to see numerous buildings of colonial origin. From the destination, thickly forested hills and snow covered peaks behind them are visible. Mussoorie packages can be availed for coming here any time of the year; though the monsoon months of June, July and August should be avoided. Walks can be taken through the quaint parts of the town to enjoy serenity and to look at natural scenery. The Mall Road is the principle shopping area of the place and a lot of buildings here speak of the legacy of the British. Company Garden and Christ Church are two marvellous sites to visit while here.

Company Garden   

A good picnic and recreational spot to visit by picking Mussoorie tour packages is Company Garden. It is just about 5.5 km from Library Bus Stand; hence, it can be reached with cycle rickshaws or on foot. Conceived, designed and laid like a colonial garden, it has a rich classical charm. The lush and well-maintained grassy lawns here are ideal to sit back and relax. As travelers enter the site, they are greeted by an octagonal water fountain with four spouts. Stone pathways and steps lead to the different sections of the garden; some of which are at different heights as the region is hilly. A variety of trees, including tall and massive deodars, grow here in abundance. There is even a log cabin in the park to further add to the imperial atmosphere. A number of flowers like petunias and dahlias can be seen in the on-site nursery. The newly-constructed artificial lake, where boating is organized, is another highlight of the place.

Christ Church

The most famous colonial building to see with Mussoorie packages is Christ Church. It is a marvel of neo-Gothic architecture and its construction was completed in 1836. During the initial years, it existed as a simple church building, and many of its current structures like the Gothic roof, transepts and chancel were built in 1853. In its front courtyard, is a tall deodar tree, planted in 1906 by the then Princess of Wales. The church is known for its stained glass windows, containing pre-Raphaelite art that developed in England in the 19th century. Several plaques and tablets inside the nave carry eulogies of some important British officials who died in the 19th century. The most striking feature inside the building is an early 19th century grand pipe organ.

Exploring these two marvelous sites with Mussoorie tour packages is a great way to see the rich imperial legacy of the town.


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