Explore 4 Ancient Monasteries with Sikkim Tour Packages

Bounded by Tibet in the northeast, Bhutan in the southeast, greater Himalayas in the north and Nepal in the west, Sikkim is a landlocked state of India. With its dramatic contours of rugged mountain ranges, dense forests, deep valleys, raging rivers and beautiful lakes and waterfalls, this state is an ideal destination for a pleasant getaway. Dotted all across by fluttering prayer flags, stupas and caves, the undimmed influence of Buddhism can be felt in almost every corner of the state. With nearly 200 monasteries, this state is an important centre for learning Buddhism. Travellers with their Sikkim tour packages can visit some of the most popular monasteries of the place.


Perched on a hilltop, it is the premier monastery of the state with all the Nyingma monasteries subordinate to it. Built in 16th century, this structure houses exquisite religious artworks, including statues and thangkas. The annual religious masked dance or locally called as Chaam, is held in every 12th month of the Tibetan calendar or correspondingly the month of February.


Tashiding Monastery

Tashiding Monastery

Built in 1716, this monastery is the holiest of all in the state as it was built at the place consecrated by Guru Rinpoche. Located between the rivers Rangeet and Ratong, this place is famous for its chorten – Thongwa Rangdol, which is believed to cleanse all sins of a lifetime. During their visit to this monastery on their Sikkim tour, travellers can also join the grand occasion of Bumchu Festival, which is organised here.


Rebuilt by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa after being damaged in an earthquake, this monastery is the largest in Sikkim. This monastery is an important seat of the Kargyupa sect of Buddhism, and hence is recognised as a world renowned centre for Kagyu teachings. To witness one of the best Tibetan architectures, this place is worth visiting with Sikkim tourism packages.


If travellers wish for something adventurous during their tour to this state, then Tolung Monastery offers this chance to them as this building can be reached only after trekking through dense forests and steep ranges. Located in Dzongu area of North Sikkim, this structure possesses a rich collection of valuable scriptures and precious objects, which are taken out for a public display. A horde of devotees pay their visit to this monastery during their Sikkim tour.

Apart from being noted for these 4 ancient sites, this state is also known to have some of the finest treks in the Himalayan Ranges. With Sikkim tour packages, travellers can also enjoy some of the best trekking experiences. Travellers who wish enjoy the ethereal beauties of the nature – great mountain views, pristine forests, descending glaciers and floral spectacles, at a single destination, can avail Sikkim tourism packages.


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