Seeing 5 Charming Water Bodies during a Shillong Tour

Shillong is the capital town of Meghalaya, and the headquarters of the East Khasi Hills district. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Northeast India, and is regarded as the Scotland of the East. This charming destination in the hills is recognised for its immaculate natural beauty, which is attributed to the undulating terrains, fresh air and shimmering water bodies. There are several sources of water in the town that are known for their cleanliness, picture-perfect setting and beauty. During a Shillong tour, people can visit these water bodies, which are set amidst scenic surroundings and form a glorious aspect of the landscape.

Elephant Falls

Situated in the outskirts of the town, Elephant Falls is named so after a rock resembling the animal. Although the rock was destroyed in a natural calamity, the name stayed and this spot became a popular picnic spot for the locals. This cascade falls in three steps through fern-covered rocks, and forms a freshwater pool at its base. What adds to its charm is the lush green vegetation surrounding it and the scenic trail bring people here. This is a place that people should definitely visit with their Shillong tour package.

Wards Lake

Wards Lake is an artificial water body that is tucked inside a verdant garden, in the heart of the hill station. Built in the 19th century, this lake is named after Sir William Ward – the erstwhile Chief Commissioner of Assam. Lush greenery and a narrow footpath surround it, providing opportunity for a picturesque trail through the garden. The reflection of towering pine trees and the Shillong Peak in the backdrop further add to the charm of the lake. Tourists can have a gala time enjoying boating on the calm waters of Wards Lake.

Sweet Falls

Tucked close to the Happy Valley in the outer bounds of the town, Sweet Falls is a thin cascade falling from hundreds of feet. It appears like a stream of water falling from a thin pipe set in the mountains. The area surrounding this shimmering streak of water is dotted with pine trees and several native plants, which form a lush green landscape. Locals and tourists visit the site in large numbers as it makes for a perfect picnic and sightseeing spot. Shillong tour packages can be utilised to explore this waterfall and its surroundings.

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake was created by damming its eponymous river in the 1960s. In present times, it is one of the chief attractions in the town and is widely known for its scenic beauty. Dense forestation surrounding the lake adds manifold to its scenic charm. Watching various vistas and hues of the sun from the shore of this lake is something that draws locals and tourists alike. Apart from sightseeing, this water body is a major hotspot for activities like kayaking, boating, water cycling and scooting, which can be tried during a Shillong tour.

Spread Eagle Falls

Spread Eagle Falls lies within the town cantonment, and is quite popular for day trips. The reason behind such a name of the waterfall is its resemblance to an eagle with its wings spread. Shillong tour packages take people to this beautiful water body, which falls with a roar and forms a lake at its base.

The aforementioned 5 lakes and waterfalls are admired not only by the locals but also tourists who visit Shillong from other parts of the world. By coming on a Shillong tour, tourists can explore these beautiful water bodies.


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