An Exciting Time at Wonderla in Bengaluru

A great way to make Karnataka holidays even more enjoyable is to plan a fun day-out at Wonderla. XD Max and Cinemagic 3D in the dry section showcase films, accompanied with vibrating seats, winds and water splashes. Its laser show and musical fountain, with lights, sound and music, is another fun activity to witness. Visitors can take a high cable-car and view the entire park while seated in Hang Glider. The vessel of Pirate Ship swings vigorously and tilts people to an almost 180-degree angle. Net Walk, as hinted by the name, is a walking path for children, made of nets. Wonder Splash is a car that travels through rails to a good height and then comes down and drops straight into a pond, spraying all riders in the process.

Techno Jump and Toon Tango are merry-go-rounds: one high above the ground and the other close to it. Riders can sit in any car of the 13-storey Sky Ferris wheel, which, with a diameter of 30 metres, rotates slowly. People may also try Termite Train and Coaster to go around crazy paths or to cruise up and down with high velocity, respectively. Dungeon Ride takes visitors on a thrilling journey through a haunted mansion. Travellers can also sit in small vehicles and bump others in Crazy Cars. Crazy Wagon is a carriage, fixed to a long circling arm, taking riders 21 metres up in the air.

Water and High Thrill Rides

With Lazy River, travellers go through the meandering stream on a rubber tube. Boomerang takes riders through a water tunnel and then drops them to a slide. The slides of Harakiri, Uphill Racers and Pendulum involve going up and down before thudding people in water. Visitors lie on rubber mats and slide down colourful water-filled tracks in Fun Racers. Banded Kraits involves sailing down a turning and dropping path into a pool. Numerous water slides, ending into a pool, are combined to form Twisters. Wavy and Vertical Fall is a ride, beginning from a six-storey height and then falling into the reservoir.

The High Thrill section, standing by its name, has the most hair-raising rides at Wonderla. Flash Tower and Drop Zone have seats fastened along spires that shoot up 40 metres and then fall freely. Equinox and Y-Scream elevate the thrill factor multi-fold with revolving round platform and swinging arms. With Insanity and Mixer, revellers swirl in every possible direction, and experience the ultimate adrenaline surge. Spinning on Hurricane is like sitting on the blades of a ceiling fan. The seats of Maverick twist, turn, spin, turn upside down and do every insane thing possible. Wonderla Bamba is a long platform, which swirls in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Kids Rides

Carousel, Lion Swing, Magic Mushroom, Jumping Frog, Merry Ghost and Flying Jumbo are merry-go-rounds, either close to the ground or a little above. Mini Venice takes children on a journey, which transports them to the famous canals of the Italian city. Smaller and less thrilling versions of the Pirate Ship, Drop Zone and Sky Wheel can also be enjoyed by kids. Mini Express and Convoy allow children to journey through colourful places and over hills. Wonderla is open on weekdays between 11 am and 6 pm and on weekends between 11 am to 7 pm.


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