India holidays based on Its Geographical Features

India provides a unique holidaying experience. This ancient country is a place of sages and software at the same time. Travelers can get to see vast variations in natural surroundings as well as in the cultural landscape of the country. If one were to plan India holidays, why not think of its geographical features and then understand what all can be done there. Lets get down to the basics and identify the broad geographical regions.

Hills of north and south

Himalayas provide the cool environs in north of the country whereas the Ghats and the Nilgiris provide the same in south. Hills of north and south are regions of popular hill stations and associated geographical features such as waterfalls. The rivers flowing through the region and other topographical features provide avenues for adventure sporting action such as paragliding, rafting, rock climbing, trekking, motorbiking, etc.

Desert region of west

Deserts are desolate places but these places have their own unique and peculiar features which can be turned into tourism attractions. Camel safaris and jeep safaris on sand dunes are popular activities that are performed here. Living in the tent houses or other makeshift camps on sand dunes is one of the main attractions of this region.

Beaches and coastline of Peninsula

India is a country dotted with vast coastline flanking its eastern and western borders in south. There are a number of beaches where people from all over the world confluence and make merry. These are also famous destinations for water sporting action such as parasailing, snorkelling, etc as well as for ayurvedic massages. Natural surroundings provide ample scope for adventure tours.

Virgin forest lands of north east

The north eastern part of the country is still the land where virgin forests are found a plenty. Combined with the mountainous terrain, this region is famed for wildlife tourism and natural surroundings.

Isolated island territories of Andaman and Lakshdweep

Andaman and Nicobar islands and Lakshadweep are two main island groups that provide seclusion to the tourists. Pristing waters of the sea and the sea life as such provide unique experience. Water sporting activities can be done in these territories.


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