Andaman – A Honeymoon Paradise

Andaman is a group of 325 islands, which together cover an area of about 6480 km sq. They form a part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and are located in the Bay of Bengal. Most of the union territory is covered with deciduous forests and its wildlife includes various species of shrews, birds, horseshoe bats, rats, pigs, elephants, kraits and salt-water crocodiles. The region is in great demand among newly-wed couples, with more and more of them opting for honeymoon packages to this beautiful wave-lashed and sun-baked land. There are a number of hotels and resorts in this destination, and tourists can engage in a number of activities here.


Havelock is the most-visited isle in the region and is located in the southern district. It can be reached via ferries, which operate from Port Blair regularly. Ticket prices for these services are between INR 250 to INR 1100. Alternatively, travellers can also fly here from Port Blair in an eight-seater amphibious plane operated by Pawan Hans; the cost for which is INR 4100. The best beach in Havelock is in Radhanagar, which has white sands and is surrounded by lush forests. Swimming in the waters or snorkelling in the coral reefs are popular modes of enjoyment. Two other beaches are in the Elephant and Kalapathar villages. The period between January and May is ideal for coming here as the weather and diving conditions are good. It remains sunny and not much windy during this time while the sea is silent and reflects the pale azure beautifully.


The Diglipur town lies in the combined northern and middle district and is home to the Saddle Peak. At 732 metres, it is the highest point in the region and climbing to its top has become quite a sport. The waterfront in Ram Nagar attracts a lot of tourists who come to see turtles nesting there. Diglipur has an average elevation of 43 metres and is 290 km from Port Blair

Southern District

The southern district is equally sought-after by people and the two most-visited places are the islands of Neil and Little Andaman. Neil is quieter and less congested than Havelock and its beaches are mostly deserted, which makes it perfect for relaxing in the evening with a loved one. Marine shells can be found in abundance on and around the beaches, which also have a cave worth visiting. Radhanagar, Sitapur and Lakshmanpur waterfronts are ideal for snorkelling, swimming or traversing waves on a water scooter. The downing sun suddenly reddens the blue sky and this amazing natural phenomenon is best viewed from the Sunset Point.

Rainforests are widespread in the little isle as are several types of turtles. Other tourist magnets in this area are the White Surf and Whisper Wave Waterfalls. A 4 km long trek is required to reach the White Surf Falls, which are 25 km from the Hut Bay while the White Surf falls are only 6.5 km from there. Surfing and boating are common near the Hut Bay jetty and safaris to see elephants can be taken in the jungle. Many more attractions are located in this group of islets and an Andaman holiday can be planned to enjoy them all.


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