The Fascinating Medieval Forts of Mount Abu

India, which is mostly a tropical country on one hand, also has some pleasant hill stations on the other to delight both domestic and international travellers. Places such as Mount Abu are perfect getaways during the peak summer months and are frequented by hordes of vacationers round the year. Demand for various Mount Abu packages has increased in the past few years since the location has witnessed a boost in tourism. The climate here remains pleasant for most of the time of the year and makes it suitable to be visited throughout. It is located in the Aravalli Range and has some lofty peaks such as Guru Shikhar, which is more than a thousand metres above sea level. Replete with a number of rivers, waterfalls, lakes and evergreen forest cover, it is popularly called the Oasis in the Desert.


Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh Fort

Apart from the natural beauty, visitors can explore its splendid medieval monuments such as Achalgarh Fort. It was initiated under a well-known ruler called Rana Kumbha, who built several such fortresses in the region. Rulers of the Paramara dynasty were responsible for its construction while Maharana Kumbha reconstructed and renovated it under the name Achalgarh. It is well-connected with an efficient network of roads and can be easily reached from various prominent cities. The massive battlement walls around it can be seen from a distance while approaching the site. Nestled at some height on one of the peaks of Mount Abu, it offers a panoramic view of the region. Although in a dilapidated condition now, this site still holds an old-world charm, reflecting the elegance of its time.




The first gate of the place is popular as Hanumanpol and was used for entering the lower fortress. There are two large towers made of grey granite present here that add to the beauty of the edifice. Champapol, which is the second gate of the monument, is reached at some height and used to serve the purpose of the main entrance to the inner fort. What adds further value to the site is its religious prominence. There is a revered temple called Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple outside the fort that holds a significant place among Hindu devotees. The toe print of the main deity – Lord Shiva – is enshrined here along with a sculpture of Nandi, made of a mixture of metals. There is a pond near the temple with three buffalo statues standing around it.


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A climb of another 10 minutes takes people to the group of historic Jain temples. Travellers visit these religious sites to behold their scenic environs and intricate sculptures. The details of the inner premises of the fort indicate that it must have been a strong foundation in its time and still reflects various facets of its past. Vacationers opting for a Mount Abu package can gladden themselves by visiting these historic edifices, which give a glimpse of the eras to which they belong. This hill station is a beautiful place that get its worth highlighted with such splendid structures.


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