Forts of Maharashtra- Murud-Janjira

Famous for its diversity, India is a land of vibrant cultures and traditions. The large states of this country are replete with natural beauty and colorful cultures, which attract hordes of tourists every year. Maharashtra is one of the biggest states of India and boasts of a rich heritage, which is beautifully reflected in its edifices. The geographical richness of the place has resulted in several natural formations, which add to the value of this place. Maharashtra holidays are unique opportunities to explore and experience the lifestyle and heritage of this place that can be a delightful memory to take back. Another noted fact about the place is the presence of several forts, which stand proudly, depicting the elegance of eras, to which they belong.

Fort of Murud-Janjira



Murud-Janjira is one such structure, situated on a small island near the coastal village of Murud. This fort is one of its kind and among the only forts, which are located towards the western coast. Once belonging by the Siddis, it has a glorious record of being undefeated from attacks of the Marathas, Dutch as well as the English East India Company. The isle on which the fort is located is oval in shape and lies near the Arabian coast. It had a strong position as it is the strongest marine fort present in the country. The site can be reached through sail-boats approaching from the Rajapuri Jetty. Its frontal area is so protected that it can be seen only after approaching it, after which its exquisite details become visible.


This glorious structure has maintained its 19 rounded bastions till date that speak of its gallant past. Several cannons of native and European styles can be seen near these bastions. After watching it carefully, it can be predicted that the edifice has served as a full-fledged palace, having all sorts of facilities in it. It has various living quarters for important officials, besides areas for formal purposes. There are two large freshwater tanks for catering to the water-related needs of people. A mosque is also situated on the site that was used for worshiping in those times. On the outer walls, a large sculpture depicting a tiger-like animal can be seen. One noteworthy fact is the presence of Ashok Chakras on all the prominent entrances of the fort.

The defensive edifice was strategically built to be helpful during any crisis; hence, there are a number of hideouts and escape routes inside. It can be said that the overall construction is quite strong and unique in that sense. The fort has taken a long span of time to reach this state of magnificence as it was originally built on a small scale, somewhere near the 15th century. Since then, various great rulers added to its worth and kept it undefeated for a long time. There are several such historically-splendid structures in the city that can make any holiday in Maharashtra a memorable experience for visitors.



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