Religious Sites of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari lies on the southern tip of India, surrounded by huge water bodies from three sides. The ethereal beauty of beaches, sunrise and sunset is the most fascinating highlights of a Kanyakumari tour. Apart from the glittering beaches, this place has an interesting story behind its name, which was taken from the mythological epics of the Hindus. It is said that Kumari Amman (also known as Kanya Devi) – an incarnation of Goddess Parvati (spouse of Lord Shiva), vowed that she will remain a virgin till Lord Shiva does not marry her. She took a penance on one of the stones of this place; and hence the place is called Kanyakumari – meaning a virgin girl. The Kumari Amman Temple, dedicated to this Devi Kanya, lies at the shore of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.


Shrines of Kanyakumari


The shrines of this destination are popular for their ingenious architecture and detailed carvings. Beautiful artwork and lavish interiors of these holy sites should not be missed by travellers during their India holidays at this place.A large population of this region worships Lord Murugan, Ayyappan and Krishna.

 Suchindram Temple

Suchindram Temple

The district is dotted with religious sites, including the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Suchindram Temple, Shri Adukesav Perumal Temple and Kumari Amman Temple.


Kumari Amman


The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, who won Lord Shiva after going through harsh atonements in this region. She was destined to kill Banasura – one of the guards of the devil – but only if she was a virgin.

Kumari Amman

Kumari Amman

So, all gods refused to marry her, in order to save the earth from destruction. The nose ring wore by statue of the deity is popular for its dazzling glow. It is said that the unique white glow of this nose ring misled many ships in the past.


Sri Adikesava Perumal


Shri Adukesav Perumal Temple

Shri Adukesav Perumal Temple

Another prominent pilgrimage in the region can be found at the sacred land of Thiruvattar, known by the name of Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple. The site holds a significant place for followers of Vaishnavism, and is part of the 108 Divya Desams of the country. Surrounded by three well-known rivers – Kothai, Pahrali and Thamirabarani, it is situated among scenic environs of Thiruvattar. According to legends, the deity of this shrine is revered as he defeated a demon named Kesi, leaving his revengeful wife behind.


The wife then asked for destruction to be caused under the effect of River Ganges and Thamirabarani, but it could not be achieved and she had to surrender to the Lord. The architecture here is another fascinating thing to note that has been appreciated since years. The intricately-designed pillars, doors and roof are splendid examples of Dravidian style that adds more worth to the structure. Devotees could see the deity lying on his couch made of a snake, through the doors. Other prominent figures inside the shrine are of Lord Adikesava Perumal and Deepalakshmis, which are quite different from each other. The temple is also popular for its various beautiful murals and the festivals celebrated here.



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