Mesmeric Cascades of Shillong

Home to the native Khasi people of the North East, Shillong is the state capital of Meghalaya. It forms the headquarters of the East Khasi Hills, which is an administrative district in the state. The beautiful rolling hills and scenic locales of this place have always earned the admiration of people from far-off regions. It was this scenic beauty of the town that inspired the British to name it as the Scotland of the East. Sparkling lakes, cascading waterfalls, landscaped gardens, lofty peaks and significant museums form integral elements of the tourism circuit in the town. Any Shillong tour is inclusive of visits to such spots, which leave people mesmerized with their beauty and a plethora of information about the place.


When talked of natural beauty and pristine environs, Shillong has abundant of these that attract peace lovers and nature admirers. The place is emerging as an ideal holiday haunt for couples because of its tranquility and picturesqueness. Since the recent times, newly-wed couples are considering this town as a perfect location for a well-planned honeymoon tour in India. With its isolated locales and picture-perfect vistas, the destination promises to offer a memorable experience to those coming on a romantic sojourn. Amongst the several stunning elements of the region, its waterfalls are the most striking ones.


The Scenic Beauty of Waterfalls


Shillong earns a considerable amount of fame for its gurgling cataracts, which fall from cliffs, mountains and hills located at great heights. Surrounded by rich verdure and situated in salubrious locations, these water bodies are the highlights of any trip to the town.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls, often known as Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew in olden times, is a three-step waterfall amidst dense vegetation. The present name of this fall is taken from an elephant-shaped rock, which was discovered here by the British during their reign. It lies in the outskirts of the town and is an ideal getaway from the crowded locales. A small wooden bridge leads to the site, from where it can be beheld perfectly.

Sweet Falls

Sweet Falls

Sweet Falls – the most beautiful waterfall in Shillong – is a few kilometres away from the famous Happy Valley. Situated in a region dotted will tall and fragrant pines, this fall is worth clicking numerous pictures. Colourful flowers of various native species can be found in the area surrounding it. Resembling the open wings of a giant eagle, the Spread Eagle Falls enjoy a scenic and soothing setting, which allures tourists.


Bishop Falls

Bishop Falls

Beadon Falls

Beadon Falls

The twin falls – Bishop and Beadon – are known for their impressive heights and sparkling streams. Both of these drop from the same escarpment and meet a deep gorge, which is mesmeric in appeal. The former of these has a continuous flow while the latter breaks into parts before entering the bottom. Loft green hills and flower-carpeted tracts of land surround these two cascades, which are famous for their unparalleled natural beauty. Tourists have to get down at Mawlai in order to take a convenient route to the site of these stunning waterfalls.


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