Vibrant Festivals of Sikkim- Drupka Teshi

The north-eastern part of India is gifted with a plethora of beautiful locations that have marked their presence on the international tourism map. Sikkim is like a gem among all the scenic destinations in the region that boasts of snow-capped peaks, meadows bedecked with flowers and spellbinding valleys. The increasing influx of travellers has made several travel portals to introduce a number of Sikkim travel packages to ensure a hassle-free travelling for tourists to this place. Home to one of the highest peaks in the world – Mount Khangchendzonga, it has a religious significance associated with it. Dzonga, revered as the guardian deity by people here, is also believed to have resided here.


Drupka Teshi

Drupka Teshi

Drupka Teshi


Sikkim is among the revered pilgrimage sites for the worship of Lord Buddha and receives a large number of devotees round the year. People here pay special reverence to the teachings of the lord and try to incorporate it in their lives. A number of events and festivals are celebrated here to commemorate his legendary life and various things done by him. Drupka Teshi is one such event, which is religiously celebrated by the locals and can be a great opportunity for travelers to experience and indulge in the vibrant culture of the state. The main purpose behind the festival is the commemoration of the preaching given by Buddha at several places, after he left his home to follow the path of nobility.




The sacred story behind the event starts when Buddha left his family to search for noble truth and started preaching sermons at a number of places. His motive was the enlightenment of the mankind belonging to all classes and religions. He hoped to see people treading the path of nobility and become aware of the correct way to progress in life by helping each other. Lord Buddha sanctified the land of Sarnath, situated near the holy city of Varanasi that still holds the sacred worth of his preaching delivered there. The place is also precisely called the deer park and is a popular Buddhists site, receiving number of devotees. All these events are sacredly celebrated and commemorated during this festival, which is held at a well-known place called Muguthang.


A yak race is an important part of the celebrations of this event, which is celebrated on the 4th day of the 6th month according to the Tibetan calendar that falls somewhere around August. Travellers, who get a chance to indulge in these festivities, are usually delighted to witness the vibrant culture of this state, which warmly welcomes all its visitors. They get to see the local residents dressed in their traditional attires and cheering with enthusiasm. Another highlight of these occasions is the palatable cuisine of Sikkim that includes several unique and delicious delicacies. Exploring these splendid aspects is sure to make a special place in the memories of vacationers that they can take back along to share with their loved ones. Saga Dawa, Phang Lhabsol, Losar and Bumchu are some other festivals, which can be equally refreshing and exciting to be included in the planning of holiday packages to this place.


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