A Tour to the Lakhpat Fort

India is a fabulous place to spend some quality time during the vacation season. The numerous scenic destinations present here are ideal getaways from the stress and worries of hectic daily life. Known for its rich cultural heritage developed over centuries, it has a unique charm of its own. Nowadays, a large number of travelers are considering this country for a leisure trip arranged through popular travel portals, which offer several family and honeymoon packages.Vacationers here, generally include both leisure and religious travelers as it has a number of revered pilgrimages, known worldwide. Overall, the place is replete with cultural significance and natural beauty, forest covers, gleaming water bodies and historic edifices.

The ruins of Lakhpat

The ruins of Lakhpat


This country has a plethora of ancient and quaint locations, which are known to still carry the charm of the bygone era. The ruins of Lakhpat are one such example, located in the north-western part of Kutch in Gujarat. It dates back to around 200 years, when it used to be a major port city. A mystifying aura can be felt at the place, which commemorates the rise and fall of an important kingdom. The vast desert and gleaming waters in its vicinity provide an enchanting offbeat serenity. Even after facing the terrible effects of natural disasters, it still maintains a major part of its former grandeur. Travelers usually forget tiredness of their trips when they get to behold this ancient ruined habitation.


The Fort


The Lakhpat Fort has long walls running to almost seven kilometres, which were erected towards the beginning of the 19th century under the orders of Jamadar Fateh Muhammed. These walls have somewhat maintained their elegance and offer splendid view across the Great Rann. It is advised to spend a night under the open sky of Lakhpat as the clear air of the desert around and the remote location provide for an amazing stargazing experience. Due to the stretched horizon, visitors can also enjoy the natural vistas of shaded sky during sunrise and sunset. Present adjacent to the Kori Creek, this structure still sings the legacy of its glorious past. Guided tours are arranged at the palace, in which tourists are told about the history and legends of its past.


Another noteworthy feature of this site is its religious importance, which is due to the fact that it has served as a thriving centre for followers of various faiths. It is said that the revered founder of Sikhism – Guru Nanak camped here for some time during his journey to the Mecca and afterwards, it was developed into a gurudwara. A number of sacred possessions belonging to Nanak are honourably kept here. The respected Sufi mystic called Pir Ghaus Muhammed has his sanctified body buried here. He was revered for his dedication towards spiritual practice from a young age of twelve. Travelers can visit his tomb that contains intricate carvings and the nearby water tank, whose water is said to have mystical healing properties. The area around Lakhpat offers warm hospitality to visitors, who avail India tour packages to visit this quaint site.


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