Unique Festivals of Sikkim- Kalchakra Puja

Dotted with a number of scenic locations, Sikkim is a beautiful state situated in the north-eastern part of India. The snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, bedecked meadows and a vibrant culture are among its prominent features. A rich biodiversity adds further value and attracts several travellers round the year. Vacation in this beautific destination has been made quite comfortable courtesy various Sikkim tours. Being home to the Mount Khangchendzonga – one of the highest peaks of the world, it is also revered as the home of the Dzonga, who is the guardian deity of the people here. A plethora of adventure activities can be enjoyed here as like river rafting, mountaineering and trekking. One of the best ways to indulge in the enthusiastic atmosphere of this place is by taking part in its vibrant festivals.


The Kalchakra Puja

The Kalchakra Puja

The Kalchakra Puja

The Kalchakra Puja is a significant festival here that celebrates the path of Tantrayana. Attaining nirvana or enlightenment is considered important to free oneself from the worldly sufferings and Tantrayana is believed to be one such way of doing so. It emphasises on the mystical aspect followed in Buddhism and calls for numerous esoteric rituals to be performed by the people. Kalchakra is a revered deity, said to be one among the combination of male and female tantras. It comes under the Supreme Tantra – one of the classes of the Tantrayana. All the rituals and ceremonies performed to pay homage to the deity and to attain nirvana are combined in the name of this festival.


The main authority, under whose teachings the ceremonies are performed, is Dalai Lama. He is the one, who initiates the puja and this usually takes place once in every three years. The ceremony is known to receive a number of devotees from all parts of the world. The decorated deity is represented along with his female consort known as Vishwamata. Featuring several faces, necks and shoulders, the idol of the lord is sculptured beautifully in the shades of blue, while his consort can be seen in vibrant yellow colour. Numerous elements are provided in the hands of the deity that further increases his grandeur. Offerings to the deities and other rituals are performed at the mandala, after the initiation ceremony.


The disciple, who is prepared to take the tantrik vows, is initiated into the complex procedures involving crown, water and the thunderbolt or the ubiquitous Vajra. This disciple, as believed, can practice all the tantras to attain the ultimate aim of nirvana. The literal meaning of Kalchakra is vicious circle and is said to cause sufferings to people leaving them to crave to leave this circle and attain nirvana. This fact has made this occasion quite important and attracts travellers from faraway places, who wish to explore various aspects of this lesser known but unique festival. International tourists usually opt for a number of Sikkim travel packages for a comfortable trip of this place. Apart from this, people can indulge themselves in numerous promotional events that are held to develop the tourism industry of the country and are a pleasure to attend.


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