Exploring the Ethnicity of Shillong at DBCIC

Shillong is the beautiful capital city of Meghalaya, which is counted amongst the smallest states in India. Although small, this place houses several scenic locations, including a significant number of waterfalls. The natural splendor of the city has made it famous as Scotland of the East. Remnants of British architecture are still visible in its old-styled houses, which feature slanting roofs, wooden floors and numerous windows. Sprawling pine covers, vast hilly areas, mesmerizing greenery and gleaming water bodies make this place an ultimate tourist destination. Travelers who come to visit this lovely place look for a suitable and full-fledged Shillong tour package, which provides convenience in exploring it.


Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures


Don Bosco Centre of International Culture

Don Bosco Centre of International Culture

Apart from places of natural beauty, this region has many esteemed cultural institutions, where people can learn about the regional lifestyle and its significance. One such prominent place is the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, which is shortened as DBCIC. It is a special endeavor aimed at creating facilities for the improvement and promotion of indigenous cultures of this hilly land. This organization has exhibitions of traditional arte-facts, which are orderly arranged on its different floors and galleries. Beautiful paintings are used to display various cultural aspects of the north-eastern regions. It also provides an option of conducting studies and researches on different cultural themes.


The complex features a large library with specialized volumes of informatory books on various subjects. Publication and circulation of newsletters and other related material are widely done by this organization, which regularly holds seminars and workshops for promotional activities. A host of facilities can be found in the building that make the visitors comfortable. Besides, lift, parking, washrooms, touch-screen tabs, computer area for students and air-conditioned media hall are also available. During informal visits, people can also take a short walk and enjoy the impressive displays in the art gallery.


A number of products are exhibited in various galleries, such as the language gallery and agriculture gallery, in order to provide information and awareness. Costumes and ornaments of the North East are showcased and promoted in the gallery dedicated to this aspect of the region, whereas musical traditions and instruments are displayed in the musical instruments gallery. The institution has been gaining so much prominence in past few years that it has received significant personalities as its visitors, who are planning to expand its reach.


The state government of Meghalaya is planning to come up with more such institutions to provide information about various unexplored aspects of these culturally rich destinations. These institutions are going to increase its worth and popularity among tourists all over the world. Shillong offers many other recreational options to amuse its visitors, including explorations trips, on which travelers can visit the enchanting caves of the area. This beautiful city houses many market areas, where people can shop for intricate local artefacts or can simply take a relaxing stroll along their narrow streets, which are surrounded by beautiful vistas. Globetrotters planning to explore a picturesque destination with cultural richness are always in search of tour packages India to such destinations for a memorable holiday experience.


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