Dara Shikoh Library – Unexplored Magnificence

New Delhi, the capital of India, has been an important cultural and political centre since ages. It has remained a trading and administrative epicentre during the great Mughal rule and British colonial era. The city is known to have preserved the Indian heritage and legacy of many legendary rulers, who have ruled here. Magnificent monuments and historic buildings add worth to this old city. Being a meeting point of people from different customs and ethnicities, this destination offers a blend of various cultures and traditional heritage. Political significance of this area is another noteworthy fact as all major governmental activities trace its roots here. Apart from the monuments, this region features other prominent places of interest like several museums and libraries. This is the reason Delhi holidays is popular among people from different parts of the country.


Dara Shikoh Library


Dara Shikoh Library

Dara Shikoh Library

Dara Shikoh Library is a popular building positioned within the campus of Indraprastha University at Kashmere Gate. The structure has served as a residence to prominent people in the past. It was once the residential area of Ali Mardan Khan, who was the Mughal Viceroy for Punjab and later of Sir David Octherlony in 1803 AD. The enlargement of this building also took place during this era. A school and government college was also functional in this property during 1804 AD. The edifice underwent another renovation at this time. Dara Shikoh, son of Mughal emperor Shahjahan, was responsible for the construction of this structure, which was named after him.


It was handed over to Ali Mardan Khan after Shikoh was murdered by Aurangzeb. British took over it after conquering the Maratha Regions. After changing subsequent owners, the building is now a museum of Archaeological Department of Delhi Government. Thus, people can notice the residues of many different eras, which it has gone through. Architecture of the place is simple yet elegant one done in sober shades. The edifice is situated amidst a complex full of Jamun trees and beautiful flowering plants. Huge white pillars in the library building symbolising British architecture and wooden blinds over the Verandah adds to the grace of the monument. Red coloured sand-stone arches and ornamental pillars are remnants of the Mughal excellence.


No fee is charged by the visitors on the entry to this edifice, which remains open throughout the week from morning to evening. Photography is prohibited inside the premises, but it can be done after taking prior permission from the authorities. Through well-connected routes, this place is easily accessible from all major neighbouring cities and states. Visitors residing in nearby areas can board the metro train till Kashmere Gate to easily reach the place.


There are a number of such splendid and memorable destinations where visitors can go for sightseeing in Delhi with their families for an enjoyable experience. This city is replete with a number of attractive edifices, which are popular among domestic and international travellers. These graceful monuments and structures, which are known to carry with themselves, residues of many great ruling dynasties, are sure to be delightful watch for the tourists. Presence of multi linguistic and multi ethnic culture make this place a famous visiting spot, which remains flooded throughout the vacation season.



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