Taj Mahal – Experiencing its Radiant Beauty

The rich heritage of India has fascinated people for ages. Preserved in the form of traditional arts, vibrant celebrations and impressive edifices, it reminds of the heydays witnessed by this country. When talked of buildings belonging to glorious eras, no place matches the charm of Agra. Ruled by various dynasties, especially the Mughals, this city is dotted with several architectural masterpieces, which depict the artistic brilliance prevalent in those times. Out of the various heritage buildings in the city, the one that steals the show is Taj Mahal – the sparkling gem in its crown. Counted amongst the seven wonders of the modern world, this marble structure is considered as the finest existing example of Mughal architecture in India. It also appears in the reputed list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. By opting for one of the Taj Mahal Agra tours available online, tourists can know more about this mesmeric marble edifice.


A Symbol of Love


Taj Mahal stands as an eternal symbol of love as it was commissioned by Shah Jahan – the Mughal emperor to loving memory of the princess of Persia, Mumtaz Mahal – his third wife. When she died while giving birth to their daughter, he was grief stricken all of a sudden. In order to commemorate their love, he commissioned the construction of this building in the 17th century. It took more than 20 years in the completion of this remarkable white edifice, which reminds people of the love between the emperor and his beloved empress.


A Marvel in White Marble


Unlike other buildings of the medieval era, which were primarily constructed using red sandstone, Taj Mahal is built using white marble. Stuccoes, inlaid stonework, exquisite carvings, religious calligraphy, floral motifs and paintings are used in the exterior design of this white monument. The large dome and four pillars are the most notable elements of this complex. Interiors of this building are even more stunning as they are adorned with dexterously-designed gemstone lapidaries and traditional calligraphy. Precious and semiprecious gemstones are used in the decoration of the lavish interiors and graves housed within it.


The Lush Charbagh


A sprawling Mughal garden named Charbagh surrounds the beautiful building of Taj Mahal. Inspired by the charming garden of paradise described in Islamic myths, this beautiful garden is landscaped along the lines of similar gardens in Persia. The four quarters of this garden are divided into various flowerbeds, which are dotted with colourful roses and daffodils. Tall trees and beautifully-sculpted fountains adorn the landscape of this verdant tract of land. Unlike other Mughal gardens, which have the main building at the centre, this one has it towards the end. During the British era, it was developed as per the design of the ones present in London.


Along with this beautiful garden and some surrounding buildings, the Taj impresses and astonishes people till date.


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