Explore the Beauty of Palaces and Forts in Bangalore

Bangalore, lying in the southernmost part of Karnataka, is counted amongst the top tourist destinations of India. During their Bangalore tour, people get a wonderful chance to explore different tourist hotspots, such as Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Hampi and Nandi Hills. All these landmarks provide an insight into the rich cultural heritage of this region. In addition to these places, there are several magnificent forts and royal palaces in this capital city. Some of them are the Bangalore Palace, Devanahalli Fort and Tipu Sultan Fort.


Bangalore Palace


Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace was constructed in the year 1887, during the reign of King Chamaraja Wodeyar from the famous Wodeyar dynasty. This structure is regarded as the finest examples of Tudor architecture that are present in India. The architecture of this palace resembles medieval castles, which were built in England and Norway. Right from the day of its construction, the building has been receiving appreciation for its wooden carvings and verdant gardens. Travellers are drawn towards its imposing towers, battlements and foiled windows. The main building of this sprawling mansion is spread across an area of 45000 sq. ft. Major portions of this palatial structure are constructed using wood that reflect the distinguished woodwork and paintings of olden times.


The palatial complex has granite seats, which are designed using fluorescent blue ceramic tiles. In the courtyard of the structure, there is a ballroom, which was used for private parties. On the first floor, there lies an ornate room known as the Durbar Hall. As per records, it was the hall from where the king used to address his subjects. Inside the room, there are several exquisite paintings adorning its walls. Moreover, the huge windows of this hall are beautifully decorated with stunning stained glasses. They have partitions of veils, through which ladies sitting on the other side used to watch the proceedings.


This property has an elaborate gallery, where photographs of viceroys and kings are displayed along with impressive artworks and artefacts. The palace premises have several other antiques and attractions, which include a fountain gifted by the king of Spain, coat of arms, a chair used for weighing jockeys and a dining table owned by the erstwhile Diwan of Mysore.


Tipu Sultan Fort


Tipu Sultan Fort

Tipu Sultan Fort

This fort, popularly known as the Bangalore Fort, is a glorious reminder of the past. As per available records, it was built in the year 1537 by the founder of the capital, Kempe Gowda. Later, it was reconstructed and expanded by Tipu Sultan, who was an influential emperor from the Mysore kingdom. During the castle exploration, visitors get to see beautiful Islamic artworks. Earlier, there were several gates guarding the castle but at present only one is left. This two-storey structure, constructed of teak wood, is known for its beautifully adorned arches, pillars, gardens and balconies. Walls and roofs of this fortress are adorned with colourful floral motifs. Tourists can opt for family holiday packages, which include an insightful tour to this fort.


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