The Wondrous Beauty of Leh and Ladakh

India is a country endowed with immense natural beauty, which is why it holds a prominent spot on the international tourist map. From pristine beaches and salubrious hill stations to misty vales and wildlife havens, the country is awash with a plethora of such destinations. While the eastern part of India is blessed with abundant scenic charm in the form of picturesque cascades and isolated hilly hamlets, the West impresses with its golden deserts and sprawling salt marshes. The south of this country draws visitors towards the charm of its stunning beaches, the North is crowned with towering mountains of the Himalayan range. When talked of mighty mountains and virgin valleys, no place in the world can compare with Ladakh. By opting for a Leh Ladakh tour, tourists would get a wonderful chance to explore this ethereal destination.


This landlocked region in Jammu and Kashmir is a unique destination, which has emerged as a paradise for backpackers and adventure enthusiasts in the past few years. The region has many secluded valleys, which sprawl across vast areas and are traversed by sparkling mountain rivers. Amongst the numerous vales situated in Ladakh, the Nubra Valley holds a special spot in hearts of tourists.


The Captivating Nubra Valley


The luxuriant Nubra Valley, located in the north-eastern part of Ladakh, is a popular tourist attraction. This mesmeric valley is well-known for its unique tri-armed topography, which is characterized with breathtaking vistas. Its lush green sprawling grasslands, colourful carpets of floral plants, pristine water bodies and scant vegetation captivate the onlookers. This cold desert, which lies at a high altitude of more than 10000 feet from mean sea level, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, peace seekers and adventurers. Tourists from all parts of the world flock here in thousands all-year round to explore venerated monasteries, enchanting vantage points and other prominent places.


Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers indulge in enthralling activities, such as mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, paragliding as well as river rafting. This nest of nature can be reached via the spellbinding Khardung La Pass from the town of Leh. Non-locals need to seek an Inner Line Permit from the DC office to access this exquisite valley.


India tour packages are the best ways to explore this quaint destination located at the northernmost part of India. Planning a trip, which essentially means making all arrangements regarding conveyance, lodging and other provisions might be quite cumbersome. However, travel portals make all such arrangements so that tourists do not have to worry during their trip. When all the responsibilities lie with the organisers, vacationers can enjoy the beauty of the nature to the utmost. It is suggested to take a still or video camera during the trip as there are plenty of mesmerising sceneries to capture. However, what travellers get to witness with their eyes is immensely more pleasing and enchanting than any camera can capture. A trip to this place is regarded as one of the most memorable and charming vacations of a lifetime.


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