The Mesmeric Chilka Lake in Puri

The district of Puri is a popular tourist destination in Odisha, India. Positioned on the Bay of Bengal, this location features breathtaking topography, which is characterised with gleaming lakes, verdant forests and sprawling grasslands. There are numerous venerated shrines here, out of which, the Jagannath Temple is among the most prominent ones. Puri is popularly known as Jagannath Puri after this revered sacred monument. There are several places of interest here that encourage travelers from near and far to embark upon Puri tour. The sparkling Chilka Lake is among the most popular places of interest in this district that is visited by hordes of tourists all-year round.


Chilka Lake

Chilka Lake

Nestled in the heart of the coastal region of Puri, Chilka Lake is the largest inland Brackish water body of its kind. Sprawling across three districts of the state, namely, Ganjam, Khurdha and Puri, this water body finally joins the Bay of Bengal. At the junction point, which is a narrow mouth, the brackish stream forms an enormous lagoon. This water body stretches across an area of more than 1100 square kilometres and it was officially declared a sanctuary in the year 1987. People from different parts of the world opt for Indian tour packages and come down to visit this sparkling stream.


Vivid Flora and Fauna


Chilka is home to an array of aquatic flora and fauna attracting nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Besides, this exquisite site is dotted with a plethora of emerald green isles, such as Breakfast Island and Honeymoon Island, which are ideal getaways for peace seekers. Furthermore, the isle of Nalabana has been declared a sanctuary and bit houses a range of species of birds as well as animals. The Kalijai isle is home to a venerated shrine, which is dedicated to Goddess Kalijai. This isle is also the venue for the annual celebration of Makar Mela. A delight for birdwatchers, this sanctuary, is a prominent winter resort for migratory birds. There are several vantage points, which offer breathtaking vistas, especially during sunset and sunrise. The best time to visit this site is during winters as thousands of Siberian cranes flock this place during this season.


Adventurous Activities For Adrenaline Junkies


In addition to discovering the beatific natural beauty of this panoramic place, tourists can indulge in boating and fishing activities on the site. Dolphin sightings are among prime highlights of the enthralling activities offered at this site. Besides, the lush green forests are home to fascinating animals, such as chital and black buck. Adrenaline junkies can indulge in adventurous water sports activities, such as motorbiking and surfing. An ideal getaway for one and all, the Chilka Lake is a popular tourist destination. People from the state and beyond come here to enjoy moments of repose away from the humdrum of city life amidst captivating natural environs. The pristine water of the sparkling water body amidst breathtaking landscapes acts like an urban detox for vacationers. Besides, the thrill of various adventurous sports add to the fervor of tourists here.


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