The Local Markets of Jodhpur

The first thing that comes to the mind of vacationers while planning a holiday to Rajasthan is the vast sand dunes of the region along with exciting camel safaris. This land of Rajputanas has much more than these aforementioned highlights. Rajasthan is located in the western area of India and is among the largest states of the nation in terms of area. It is bordered by regions of Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, and also shares its boundary with Pakistan. The region is situated along the vast stretch of Aravalli Hill Range and mostly includes the arid areas of Thar Desert. In ancient times, the area was under the dominion of local Rajputs, Mughals and finally the British. Each of these empires had an impact on the culture and traditions of the region that can still be witnessed in its various art forms. These forms are a part of the locally made textiles, artefacts and handicrafts, which are sold in several markets of the state. Tourists can purchase the same during Rajasthan tour India and take them back as souvenirs.

Sardar Market

Sardar Market, Jodhpur

Sardar Market, Jodhpur

The bustling Sardar Market is located in the Jodhpur city of the state and lies close to the Clock Tower – built by Maharaja Sardar Singh. This shopping street is named after the Maharaja and was established several years ago.

Maharaja Sardar Singh

Maharaja Sardar Singh

This place is a vibrant and lively bazaar that caters to all the needs of locals and travellers coming from various parts of the world. Its narrow streets are lined with several big and small shops that offer a wide range of handicrafts, traditional jewellery, local attires, Rajasthani slippers, authentic Indian spices and fresh fruits and vegetables.

This shopping street stretches from the Sojati Gate and reaches till the Clock Tower. It is among the most sought-after destinations for shopaholics in the state. It is frequented by travelers from all over the globe, who come to explore the ancient and contemporary traditions of the region. People can also discover the ancient art form of Bandhini – a resist-dyeing technique that is still practised in the market. There are numerous spice shops on this street and nearby locations that are world famous for their products, such as herbal teas and condiments. Frequent travelers recommend that a visit to these shops provide an insight into the rich culture of the state.

Visitors on Jodhpur holidays can explore a variety of such places in the entire city. The Mochi Bazaar is famous for lac works, such as lac bangles and other ornaments. The station road market is renowned for its leather work and people come here to purchase exquisitely designed embroidered shoes. These streets are also ideal places for avid photographers as they can capture the colorful atmosphere of the place on their lenses. It is advisable that travelers should visit these markets during the auspicious festivities celebrated here as these shopping streets are beautifully decorated. Most of these shopping areas are in proximity to the railway stations and bus stops, and people coming from flights can also opt for local means of transportation to reach these locations.



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