Mughal Heritage of Agra To Be Seen On A Day Tour

The glory of Agra has been prevalent since the epic of Mahabharata and its grandeur magnified from the 1500s, when Sikandar Lodi made this place the capital of his kingdom. Since then, the imposing charm of this area was enhanced by other sovereigns, who further developed the city and established a multitude of graceful edifices. The majesty of this region has a stark influence from its prodigious architectural wonders. Furthermore, a sense of prestige and honor pervades the entire region, which was provided by great rulers like Babar, Akbar and Shah Jahan. Travelers who are planning to visit this historically-significant land can choose an Agra day tour, which offers a one-day trip to this location. During this tour, most important attractions of this city are covered.

The tour is organised to take travelers to the prominent attractions of Agra, thereby allowing people to make optimum use of their vacation time. Vacationers can arrive from various parts of the world and assemble at the starting point as designated by organisers. Meal options are generally provided in these packages along with comfortable means of transportation. Such trips are beneficial as they provide the opportunity to explore major sites in the shortest time. They are not bound to be at one place and can experience the splendour of various regions of India in bits and fragments.

Sikandra Tomb

Sikandar Lodi tomb

Sikandar Lodi tomb

This tomb of the great emperor Akbar is a significant landmark of Mughal architecture, which exhibits the amalgamation of Indian and Persian design. It is named after Delhi ruler Sikandar Lodi and is built immaculately with precise carvings on its walls. The main highlight of this edifice is its gateway that has four minarets with marble chhatris mounted over them. The tomb has a four-tiered pyramidal construction inside that has a marble pavilion containing the false tomb; whereas the real tomb lies in the basement. Akbar himself ordered the construction of this complex as per the Tartary tradition of the erstwhile period and the final touch was provided by his son Jahangir. Art enthusiasts and other tourists frequently visit this place to admire its beauty and pay homage to the great Mughal king.

Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh

This finely-manicured garden is also called Moonlight Garden as it lies parallel to the majestic Taj Mahal and provides a breathtaking view of this white edifice under lucent moon. Mehtab Bagh, spread over an area of 25 acres, proves to be an exemplary spot for travellers to spend their leisure time. It is a charbagh complex, which has a square shape and was last of the eleven gardens that was built by the Mughals along the bank of Yamuna River. The place also has an archaeological significance as excavations carried out by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in the area unearthed an octagonal tank comprising 25 fountains. During India holidays, tourists can visit many such beautiful architectural wonders of this historic city.


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