Historical Significance of the City of Jaipur

Jaipur is often associated with royal grandeur that was given by the Maharajas of bygone era. It is a land of architecture marvels, which take visitors into utopia by their remarkably impressive design. Indian and International films have specifically showcased the grandiose of this city at times and its is certainly a treat to the eyes of an onlooker. With proximity to almost all cities of Northern India, this area is a renowned tourist spot and always succeeds to delight them with mesmeric sights. Globetrotters can opt for Jaipur tour packages and explore the vividness of this region. Scenic views manifold here, which vary from forts perched on Aravalli Hills to local markets infused with haggling of buyers and sellers.

Get Exulted by Imposing Buildings

It is recommended by frequent visitors that people should begin their sojourn in the city by exploring the lavishly laid palaces and forts. This region houses a multitude of such buildings, most of which have been famous on a global level. An astonishing fact is that some of these buildings are still occupied by successors of ancient Rajput sovereigns. Whereas, others have been converted to a heritage complex or a national museum exhibiting worthy artefacts. Renowned palaces such as Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and City Palace are acknowledged for their vast and beautifully embellished layout. On the other hand, Jaigarh, Nahargarh and Amber Fort depict defence strategies of rulers during battle, in the bygone era.

Discover the Diversity

Pink City, as it is also known, is a land of gallant combatants and at the same time bears a divine charm due to an assemblage of several worship houses. There is a sense of opulence that blends with spirituality of people and defines the authenticity of the region. Rajput kings were pious and expressed their religiosity by constructing holy structures in their residences. Many temples and mosques were erected, and they still stand as a highly revered sight. Former are dedicated to the Hindu lords and local deities, whereas, latter commemorate the legendary Sufi saints of the past. Current residents of the region take pride in its unified atmosphere, which is home to people belonging to different cast and creed. Similar impact is perceived in cuisine of the area, which accommodates both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with mouth-watering food items. Festivities are celebrated with zeal, where people get mixed into the vibrant hues of this place and traditionally perform all ceremonies.

Travelers from around the world can selectively choose holidays package of India for this destination that are offered by several travel websites. Such deals are beneficial as they provide an itinerary to visitors and cover most of the prominent destinations. These packages come all inclusive with accommodation, dine-in and basic facilities needed to make a trip memorable. Climatically, Jaipur is advised to be visited during the months of October-March, when weather is soothing and attractions can be easily explored throughout the day. Modes of transportation can either be air, road or railways depending upon the suitability of individuals. Keep Jaipur in the next travel destination and select from the best offers of travel deals to behold the breathtaking places this city is bestowed with.


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