Escapades and Shopper’s Stops of Sikkim

Sikkim is the second smallest state of India, continuously appeasing visitors with its lush greenery and natural aura over the years. People say that there is a sense of rejuvenation in the air of this place, which is sufficed by the landscaped vistas and disparate range of flora. Adrenaline pumping expeditions of hiking trails and river rafting are perfect recreational activities for daredevils. Holiness prevails in the whole region with beautifully constructed monasteries that completely tranquillise the mind and soul of travellers. Holidaymakers who opt for Sikkim tour packages will be content with the facilities provided by these deals. Pleasing weather of this destination along with picturesque view of the Himalayan ranges are a delight for any tourist.

Deorali Orchid Sanctuary, Sikkim

Deorali Orchid Sanctuary, Sikkim

The state is blessed with majestic sights, which prove to be a unique experience for newly-wed couples. Honeymoon holidays can be availed by them to explore the breathtaking views of the region. Pleasant climate of this place along with everlasting hustle of local markets is highly appreciated by frequent visitors and same is advised to the honeymooners. Deorali Orchid Sanctuary is a popular tourist site, where couples can admire a multitude of orchid species permeating the entire aura of the place with a pleasant fragrance.

Venture on Escapades

Different options are available for adventure seekers, who are amused by a variety of activities involving physical manoeuvres. Mountaineering on the lofty peaks of Kangchenjunga has been existing since past five decades and till date many people strive to mark their name on the apex of this pinnacle. The adventure division of the region also promotes hiking on various treks, which basically comprise uneven turfs of Dzongri, Pemayangtse, Khechopalri, Thangshing, Zemathang, Yuksum and Tsokha. Teesta and Rangit streams provide the best spot for river rafting and enthusiasts largely visit Sikkim to experience this enthralling water-sport. Mountain biking has been recently introduced in the state and is gradually gaining prominence among locals and travellers. A subtle activity to behold the splendid views of the region is Yak Safari, which is organised by the local tourism department, allowing people to mount on the Yak and traverse through the land.

Go on a Shopping Spree



Local markets of the state are famous for selling exclusive handicrafts, artefacts and textiles of the region. It is suggested by many tourists to buy local handicrafts from Dalai Lama Trust Fund Shop and Government Institute of Cottage Industry. Finely woven carpets are speciality of this place, which can be purchased from various shops. Souvenirs in the form of scrolls with motifs, paintings, handmade paper products and ornaments are recommended to be taken back home. Another forte of Sikkim is Choktses, which are embellished wooden tables carved in traditional designs. These tables are in demand from international market and will surely be a memoir in home décor of any traveller. Some famous shopping places are Old Market, New Market and Lall Market, which deal in manufacturing and purchase of wooden products. These markets are also a great place to shop for a plethora of traditional attires available in vibrant colours.


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