Chail: A Destination to Visit to Enjoy a Peaceful Vacation



Chail is a scenic hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is around 40 km away from Shimla. Located at a height of 2226 m above sea level, this hill station is located higher than famous places, like Shimla and Kasauli. Abound with magnificent, snow-capped peaks, chir pine forests and imposing deodars, this place is a famous destination among tourists coming to this region. For a hassle-free and amazing trip to this splendid hill station, backpackers can choose from a range of Himachal tour packages available on the internet. Travellers can look for a deal according to attractions they wish to visit and activities to partake in. With a range of adventure sports like hiking, mountaineering, and flying fox and rock rappelling organised here, it is a perfect place for thrill seekers.

This hill town was once the summer capital of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Patiala. It came into being in the 1890s, when the ruler was banished from Shimla, the British summer capital. This was done as the king eloped with the daughter of British Viceroy of India. To counter this move, Bhupinder Singh explored the neighbouring areas with the sole idea of a place, which is at a higher altitude than Shimla. The little village of Chail seemed perfect, and moreover most of its land already belonged to him. This land was an ancestral property given to his ancestors as a token of gratitude for the services rendered during the Gurkha War (1814–1816). Hence, he set up his new summer capital at this place.

This post-card pretty hill resort has a wonderful romantic air that has time and again attracted couples to come here. Many travel websites offer honeymoon packages for this destination that include accommodation, sightseeing and meals for a convenient trip. There are many tourist attractions that are must-visit while on a tour to this place and some of them are the royal palace, wildlife sanctuary and cricket ground.

Chail Palace

Chail Palace

Chail Palace

Built during the late 19th century, this palace is well-known for its elegant architecture. Sprawling over an area of about 75 acres, it boasts of peripheral cottages, an orchard and well-maintained sports ground. As the king was an avid cricket fan, he made a cricket ground here, which is among the highest cricket grounds in the world. In the year 1972, the property passed into the hands of Himachal Tourism, who converted this palace into a heritage hotel. This hotel is a full-fledged destination resort in itself. There are large elegant lawns, pavilions and fountains at this property that preserve its old charm and grandeur.

Chail Cricket Ground

Chail Cricket Ground

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary, covering about 10,854 hectares of land, was established in 1976. It is famous for its diversity in fauna and flora. Tourists can see animals like sambar deer, ghoral, kakkar, red jungle fowl, khalij and cheer pheasants over here. The sanctuary is provided with a machan like sighting posts that help to witness various animals without disturbing them. So, make a plan and come to this amazing destination to spend holidays with loved ones.


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