Goa – Where the Party Never Stops

Goa, geographically the smallest state of the union of India, is a neighbour of Maharashtra on the western coast. A former Portuguese territory, it was annexed to India in 1961. In the late 80s, western tourists moved in hordes to this pristine paradise. Its seaside, drenched in sun and glowing in sand, and Europe-influenced culture made it an ideal place to party for people who still had a hippie hangover. Even to the present day, anyone taking a Goa tour is pleasantly surprised by the exotic openness of the place and its residents. It is the Ibiza of the East, the ultimate party destination for anyone trying to have a good time in the Indian subcontinent.

Party Paradise of the East

Partying is a way of life for the people here, be it weekend fun or week-long festivities. There is a long list of things that party lovers rushing to Goa for a beach holiday could do.

Vibrant Night life

seaside shacks goa

seaside shacks goa

Partying goes on and on at the multifarious clubs and pubs. Bagha has seaside shacks that run offers like two pints for the price of one and blast music out of big stereos all night long. The 4 and 5 star hotels have discotheques that levy a cover charge for the right to party till dawn.

Psytrance Mania

Being the birthplace of Goa trance, it has much to offer to the fans of dance music.

Psytrance parties Goa

Psytrance parties Goa

Psytrance parties take place every week, and usually promoted through social media and word of mouth, attendance never exceeds a few hundred people. These events are known to be an intimate affair, where participants make lifelong friends.


sunburn festival goa

sunburn festival goa

The name needs no introduction. Sunburn, a 3-day dance music festival, is held every year on the Candolim seashore. It takes place in the last week of the year close to Christmas. This arrangement makes it one of the biggest parties, a fact that was recognised by CNN, which ranked this festival as the 9th best in the world in one of its polls. Other than dance and music, the festival has food and shopping as other attractions.

Goa Carnival

A 3 to 4 day affair, it is a festival that features dancing and drunken revelry on the  streets. Masked parades and music go on till the wee hours of night.

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival

Stalls selling traditional Goan delicacies line up the roads of the city. The carnival was held in the month of February last year, though it has no fixed date or time. Its appeal has transcended national boundaries and a large number of foreigners participate every year.

Beach Sport

Barefoot Football Goa

Barefoot Football Goa

Having fun on the seaside is the favourite thing to do of visitors and residents alike. Games and sports have been developed around the beach to satiate this need. Ranging from water sports like para-sailing to beach volleyball, these events are always full of energy. Barefoot, a beach soccer tournament, was held in 2013 in which over a hundred teams took part. It just might become the next big thing given the love for soccer and beaches in this state.


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