An Archipelago Sojourn in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar, an archipelago of over five hundred islands of varying shapes and sizes, is a union territory of India. Many of the islands that make up the union are uninhabited, whereas some others have yet uncontacted indigenous tribal settlements. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, the place is a cornucopia of enchanting locales and forgotten history. The vegetation cover is chiefly tropical rainforests that contain a diverse mix of flora and fauna. Large number of species of animals as well as birds found here are locally restricted without any recorded existence in any other part of Indian Republic. A wide array of Andaman and Nicobar tour packages are being offered for travelers wishing to take a trip to this magnificent collective of islets.

Attractions and Activities

The attractions found here are aquatic in nature, and a visit to its different isles, each of which have their unique characteristics, can be a wonderful experience. It must be kept in mind, while availing Indian tour packages that it is the only place in the country, where underwater sports, such as snorkelling and scuba diving are offered.

Cellular Jail

Better known as Kala Pani, this jail had a notorious reputation during the days of the British occupation. Used to incarcerate mainly political prisoners, the jail was effective because of its isolation. Some of the famous revolutionaries who have been imprisoned here are Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar. It was infamous for the rigorous punishment meted out to inmates of which solitary confinement was one. After independence, the jail was turned into a national memorial and now, it plays host to visitors. Tours are conducted that showcase the history and highlight the struggle of activists during the independence movement.

Barren Island

Secluded from the world and located in a far corner is the sole active volcano of India and the Southern Asian region – Barren Island. This island remains so because of the frequent big and small eruptions. The most noticeable one took place in 2010.


The name Narcondam, meaning pit of hell, is a misnomer because the tiny island has a volcano that is actually dormant. Mud and smoke clouds have been reported to be seen now and then, but for all intents and purposes it is known to stay silent. Narcondam Hornbill is a bird that is found only on this small islet.


Slow urban development makes Havelock a paradise of sun-soaked beaches. It is a haven for the adventurous, who wish to indulge in underwater diving and related activities.


Rutland is a pristine gem visited by a few people, a fact that is responsible for the retention of its natural charm. Dotted with mangroves and coral reefs, this is an ideal spot for visitors desirous of staying for a few days at any of the beautiful seaside resorts.


One of the most visited of all tourist attractions, this is a place full of forests, caves and mud volcanoes.

 Great Nicobar

The largest of all Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar is home to Indira Point, the southern extreme of India.


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