Go for Some Fun at the Waterfront during Karnataka Holidays

Karnataka has a vibrant heritage, with a myriad of cultures of India. This part of Indian sub-continent is a habitat to different ethnicities, including Tuluvas, Kodavas, Konkanis, Kannadigas and various tribal sects that have lent multiple hues to its cultural lifestyle. This area also houses the biggest Tibetan settlement of South India (called Bylakuppe)and people residing over here practice religious beliefs of Islam, Hinduism and Jainism. Being home to religions like Buddhism, Christianity and Sikhism, this region has become a melting pot of cultures. The cultural blend has left an indelible imprint on the different art forms like drama, theatre, poetry, architecture, dance and handicrafts. The most famous and one of the ancient art forms of this region is Yakshagana, the soul of Karnataka. Yakshagana or celestial song is a unique mix of music, dance and literature. The main highlight of this type of traditional theatre is the extempore dialogue delivery. Karnataka holidays are not just about its art and culture but also religious pilgrimage, sparkling falls, rolling hills, splendid palaces, wildlife sanctuaries, magnificent forts and beautiful beaches.

Holidaying at the Beachfront

Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach

This state has some well-known beaches at Malpe, Karwar, Suratkal, Gokarna, St. Mary Island, Marawanthe, Murudeshwar and Kaup, where travellers can enjoy a lot. While Malpe is a prime fishing centre, it is also famous for beach holidays. Adorned by the swaying palm trees, its vast stretches of sand seem to touch the azure sky at the horizon painting a scenic picture. The endless coastline sets the backdrop for an idyllic vacation. Some of the attractions at this beachside include Balarama Temple and Darya Bahadurgarh Island.

Local Attractions

Located nearby is St. Mary Island in the Arabian Sea. This piece of island houses a cross that was brought by Vasco Da Gama, when he came here in 1498. This coast is also known for its rock salt formations due to which this island earned the title of being a National Geological Monument.

St. Mary Island

St. Mary Island

If holidaymakers go towards the seaside at Kaup, they can view the famous temples dedicated to Goddess Mariamma and the ruins of Jain basadis (monasteries). Another waterfront at Suratkal offers a beautiful view of the sea and leads a way to the Lighthouse and Sadashiva Temple.

Fun at Gokarna

A renowned hotspot in Karnataka is Gokarna that seems like a dream destination due to its unexplored coves, jagged cliffs, serene beaches, wonderful sunsets and exquisite temples. A remarkable thing to notice about this place are its five beaches – Paradise, Kudle, Half-Moon, Om and Gokarna that offer a splendid sight of the sea and are separated by cliffs from each other.



Here, vacationers can indulge into several activities at the seashore like enjoying a boat ride to spot dolphins in the seawaters or surfing, getting sun-tanned or walking along the shore. There are facilities for many activities available at the shoreline including jet-skiing, banana boat rides and fishing. If holidaymakers are looking for spending some time with their family at this dream destination, then they must make all their bookings in advance for a hassle-free holiday.


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