Ooty Tour Packages Take Travellers for a Trip across South India

One of the most favoured tourist destinations not only in South India, but also in the Indian subcontinent is Udhagamandalam, which is more commonly known as Ooty. The scenic beauty of this location is so mesmerising that it has earned the sobriquet of Queen of Hill Stations. Located in the Nilgiri Hills, it is connected with cities of both, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In spite of being situated in the tropics, the climate of this place is mild and pleasant mainly due to its altitude. Ooty tour packages are organised by regional as well as national tour organisers, which take enthusiasts through a trip across this scenic hill station.

Ooty Lake

Among the number of vacation spots at this place, one of the most visited is Ooty Lake (map: https://www.google.com/maps/preview#!data=!1m4!1m3!1d6885!2d76.6868582!3d11.4035511), which starts right from behind the main bus stand. It is an artificial lake that was constructed by John Sullivan by building dams around the snaky mountain streams that flowed down the ranges. This water body is L-shaped and extends to about two kilometres in length. The spot surrounding this lake has emerged as a major tourist attraction for people coming to this place.

The far end of the water body has a Boat House, where boats are available for rent from morning till evening for trips. A number of boat pageantry as well as races are organised during the summer season, which are major crowd-pulling events here. With the passage of time, this spot has become the major hub for tourist entertainment. There is also a children park nearby that houses a toy-train. This is a major source of recreation, especially for children, as it takes them through the green surroundings. Also present nearby, is a deer park, which showcases a variety of flora and fauna. A paved path surrounds the entire lake, where visitors can go for a walk during the evenings to enjoy the cool breeze.

This place is considered as one of the must-visit locations by most travel planners when offering India vacation packages. The most attractive thing to see here is the change in vegetation pattern. This place has historically been famous for its amazing and unending tea gardens, which span all over the gradients of the hills in this region. The lingering fragrance of tea leaves fills the atmosphere and visitors can sense it as soon as they enter this hill station.

Travellers looking for a vacation at this destination can opt for a number of packages available on leading travel portals. These tours are organised for varying number of days and enthusiasts can go through the itineraries for opting for the one that suits them the best. Discounts are offered during festive seasons as well as in case there is a popular event coming up. Often, trips, which span over a week take visitors for a tour across the chief attractions of South India. For a complete, systematic and refreshing tour of the vacation hotspots, consult popular travel websites in India.


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