Jim Corbett Tour Packages to Experience Thrill and Adventure

Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

Sprawled across 520 square kilometres, Corbett National Park is the land of fierce animals and majestic birds. It is one of the renowned national park in India, which was established in 1986 to protect endangered Bengal tigers. Located in Uttrakhand at the foothills of the Himalayas, it is surrounded by natural bounties, owing to which this park is an ideal habitat for wildlife to flourish. There are dense sal and deciduous forests, hilly ridges, grassy meadows and the peacefully flowing Ramganga River, which together contribute to form a picturesque view. Travellers can have a close encounter with wildlife from mid-November to mid-June in this wildlife reserve. Jim Corbett tour packages are one of the sought-after deals, preferred by both who are looking for adventurous trip as well as families.

Flora and Fauna

Rightly known as a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, the Corbett National Park has diverse species of fauna that travellers can explore. The major animals in this park are tiger, wild boar, elephant, sambar, chital, gharial, nilgai, king cobra, hedgehog, muntjac, flying fox, Indian pangolin and common musk shrew. These animals freely roam around in this massive topographical area. The park also has four species of deer that are Sambar, Hog, Chital and barking deer. There are also  nearly 600 species of birds like cormorants, ducks snipe egrets, darter, herons, harrier, spotted eagle, woodpecker and thrushes.

Among the reptiles, the fish-eating gharial and crocodiles can be seen basking in the sun near the banks of the river. Moreover, there are also lakes and rivers that are flourish with sporting fishes, such as Goonch (Bagarius bagarius), Indian trout (Barilius bola), Rohu (Labeo rohita), Golden mahaseer and malee. This natural habitat is not just famous for its fauna but also for its different species of shrubs, bamboo, trees and grass. There are also over 70 species of plant varieties that add to the greenery of this place. Journey to this natural reserve indeed contributes in making Indian tour packages all the more exciting and interesting.

Wildlife Jeep Safaris

The best way to explore each and every corner of the Jim Corbett Park is to avail Jeep safaris. There are around 30 Jeeps, which leave every morning and afternoon with passengers in different directions of the forests. The most famous is the Bijrani Jeep Safari, which gives an opportunity to view gigantic elephants. Adding to this adventure is the elephant ride that is filled with fun and thrill. In order to view wild bear in their natural habitat, tourists can avail Jhirna Jeep Safari. If lucky, travellers can also spot animals like deer and tigers in the nearby area. Even during rainy season, this part of the zoo remains opened. Open bus safaris are famous among children as well adults. It lets visitors enjoy the glimpse of wild animals and also provides a panoramic view of the valley. Drive to this region of the forest awaits sightings of wild elephants, hog deer, chital, and numerous raptors and grassland bird species.

For an extraordinary vacation, trip to the Jim Corbett National Park is a perfect choice. Visit to this reserve offers an insight to the wildlife and their unscathed existence.


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