Kerala Vacation Packages – A Trip Through Spectacular Natural Beauties

With the majestic Western Ghats to the east and the vast Arabian Sea bordering its west, Kerala has emerged as one of those travel destinations, which is visited time and again by nature-lovers. Having a network of over 40 rivers criss-crossing its landscapes, this spot boasts of astounding geographical features that have contributed a great deal to its tourism. An unusually long coastline, magnificent beaches, tranquil hill stations and vast, even tea plantations; this region has it all. The temperate climate, together with the abundance of natural resources, has made this place rich in fauna and flora. Kerala vacation packages take visitors through the fascinating inland of this state, which has plenty of attractions to offer. The best part of these scenic locations is that they are located in proximity to each other and enthusiasts can go from one spot to another in a matter of few hours.


Apart from its varied landscapes and their beauty, this state is regarded as the most advanced in India. Having a literacy rate of 100 percent, it is also an important centre of excellence in the field of education, culture and medical facilities. This region offers the highest rates of life expectancy and lowest infant mortality in the nation. Apart from this, proper care has been taken to preserve and nurture the number of important sites of tourism in this region. The State Government has taken several steps to promote the several aspects of tourism. Comfortable accommodation facilities are available in plenty to welcome the visitors coming here to spend their family holidays.

Stunning Backwaters

There is hardly anything more popular in this area than the mesmerising backwaters, which are spread across the state and are the most visited spots by tourists. The term backwaters in general refer to saline water bodies like lakes or lagoons, which are fed by bigger water bodies like rivers or seas. This state, having a plethora of rivers, have vast areas covered with backwaters. Several cruise trips and tours on houseboats are organised on these crystal clear water bodies. A perfect way to relax on a weekend, the banks of these are dotted with lush green vegetation, which make the ambience of this region even more enjoyable. Apart from going on trips, other activities associated with the backwaters, which attract travellers are fishing in these lakes and birdwatching along their banks.

Variety of Wildlife

Due to the intense greenery in these area, several varieties of wildlife have made this region their niche grounds. Kerala boasts of inhabitants of diverse species, making it a home for several protected and endangered animals. Nature-lovers from far and wide flock this state to get a glimpse of the wild animals. Elephants, tigers, bison and several other rare varieties roam around the dense forests in large and small groups. There are a number of forest reserves and natural parks, wherein forest safari and excursions are organised. Apart from the animals, this area is also enriched with a variety of native and migratory birds. Together, this region offers an assortment of natural beauties, which the visitors can enjoy while on their trip.


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