Explore the Beauty of Nature with Munnar Packages

One of the most famous attraction of South India – Munnar is flocked by tourists from across the globe. This hill station in Kerala, is located at the  confluence of three rivers and is rightfully named Munnar, which means three rivers in Malayalam. The mesmerising beauty of this place has compelled most travel agencies in South India to offer Munnar packages. Situated at a height of nearly 1600 m above sea level, this serene hill station is a delight for the eyes owing to its undulating hilly ranges, majestic waterfalls, vast and unending tea plantations, and British cottages from the colonial days. This region has also been made famous by a mystery flower Neelakurinji, which blooms once in twelve years.



Mattupetty and Kundala

Some of the popular spots, which are often included in the best tour packages for this region are Mattupetty, Eravikulam National Park, Periyar Tiger Reserve and a number of others in and around the surrounding regions. Reaching Mattupetty by car can be one of the most exciting journeys as it includes riding through the dwindling roads carved amidst the green vegetation cover on the hills. The area boasts of a dam and a lake amidst the serene surroundings, making it one of the famous picnic spots in this region. Another popular spot for vacationers is Kundala, which is at a little distance from Mattupetty. This spot is a favoured retreat for people who want to spend some time away from the hustle bustle of the cities. Travellers can go for a stroll amidst the unending tea plantations of this place and get some memorable pictures clicked.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park

Due to the affluent water received by this region due to the confluence of three rivers, the hill station has become a paradise for growth and cultivation of several species of flora. Also, this has led to the place becoming niche grounds for a number of wildlife species. The Eravikulam National Park serves as a natural habitat for Nilgiri Tahr, a species of endangered mountain-goat. Apart from this, it is also the place where the Neelakurinji blooms, making it a must-visit place for nature lovers.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Another important forest reserve in this destination that has been carefully maintained and nurtured is the Periyar Tiger Reserve. However, the mighty beast is not easily seen among the dense woods in this region. If visitors are lucky enough, they might come across one idling tiger amidst the greenery. Apart from being the oldest reserve in Kerala, it is also one of the biggest areas, which houses a variety of vegetation as well as wildlife. Birdwatchers can have a delightful time in the reserve watching several avian species, which generally comprise natives as well as migratory birds. This forest reserve is situated about 100 km away from the hill station of Munnar and is frequently visited by tourists coming to this part of the world.


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