Exciting Activities on Offer on A Goa Tour

Goa, one of the attractive tourist destinations in the Indian subcontinent, is regarded as the best place when it comes to revelry, enjoyment and adventure sports. It offers a host of enthusiastic activities along its unending beaches, which are a major source of enjoyment to globetrotters coming to this place. These adventure activities are a major part of any Goa tour organised by  various travel planners. This beach destination is famous around the world for its churches, natural beauties and also mighty rivers. Also, the waterfalls of this destinations add to its wonderful natural beauty.

See the Vastness of the Arabian Sea from Parachutes

Parasailing is an adventure activity, which is largely practized on the beaches of this state. In this sport, the person is hooked on to the parachute, which is pulled by the rope connected to a speedboat. The speed boat sails through the formidable waves at high speeds inwards the Arabian Sea. As a result of this, the parachute is lifted upwards in the sky. As evident from the sport, it is an activity of the strong-hearted people. Organisers ensure the safety of the enthusiasts by hooking and locking them to the parachute. This is, undoubtedly, the most adventurous part of the beach holidays in this part of the world.

Have a Relaxing Trip on a Houseboat on the Rivers

The rivers of this coastal state are lesser known, but have plenty of backwaters to be enjoyed and experienced. Though lesser known than the backwaters of Kerala, these also provide the similar enjoyment and cruise trips are often held on their waters. Wooden houseboats from Goa have been transported to this area and tourists are provided with a refreshing and rejuvenating tour across the plentiful waters of the rivers. Apart from being an ideal romantic destination frequented by honeymooners, these houseboats are also abound with avid birdwatchers. The vegetation cover along the banks of these rivers are the niche grounds for regional as well as a number of species of migratory birds.

Go for an Adrenaline Rush to Beat the Waves

The beaches of this amazing destination are a paradise for surfers and rafters, with thousands of lovers of these sports flocking here. Calangute, Arambol and other beaches are crowded almost 365 days of the year with globetrotters who love to indulge in these activities. The waters in these areas are a bit harsh, but that does not prevent enthusiasts from gallantly braving the waves. Also, some of the other activities, which have become immensely popular at these coastal regions are jet skiing, banana rides and popular games like swimming, softball and frisbee.

Also, for travelers who are not willing to take part in these sporting events, the golden sands of the coastline are the perfect way to spend a relaxing retreat. Thousands of travellers, both Indians and foreigners, flock these beaches and just enjoy basking in the sun. These activities have made this a vacation hotspot, immensely popular among tourists. Plan out the next holidays at Goa and revel and enjoy the intense and happy ambience of this beach destination.


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