Go For a Retreat at Iringal Village during Kerala Holidays

Kerala is considered to be amongst the most famous travel destinations in Asia. Major attractions in this land are its virgin beaches, silent valleys, aromatic spice plantations, calm stretches of backwaters, lush green hill stations and exotic flora and fauna. Therefore, Kerala holidays are bound to leave travelers with delightful memories courtesy its scenic beauty and vibrant culture reflected in the rich performing art performances. Marking its cultural heritage are its traditional art forms, delicious cuisine, ayurveda rejuvenation sessions and colourful festivals. It offers a wide range of options for both leisure travellers who come to this region for a family holiday and for those who have opted for a romantic trip.

Wonderful experiences

If you are on your honeymoon, this area provides a wide variety of unique experiences to leave you spellbound. For instance, this land of ayurveda provides restorative and curative packages that are applied into healing systems. This rejuvenation therapy provides treatment for body immunisation, body sudation, slimming, beauty care, physical and mental well-being and overall fitness (Panchkarma Treatment). Another way to relax can be houseboat cruising on calm backwaters amidst beautiful surroundings of coconut groves and mangrove forests. Houseboats are the exotic barges that offer a relaxing trip with comforts of a hotel. A unique feature of this state is its backwaters. To facilitate inland water navigation, these backwaters are connected to lakes through canals, thus, increasing tourist movement in the area.

Village Tour

Untouched by industrialisation, the rural life in the state is equally enchanting as a tour to these quaint hamlets is enough to fill every visitor with peace and contentment. The inland waterways, swaying palm fringes and soothing paddy fields add to a memorable village trip. For example, the rural life in coastal hamlets of Kovalam is vibrant with activities like coconut leaf weaving, coir manufacturing and fish markets.

Iringal Craft Village

Unlike other coastal villages in the area, there is an exotic craft hamlet set up by the concerned authorities of the state to promote tourism. Here, native artisans exhibit their skills and products that are sold at reasonable prices and a visitor can also pick up few lessons on crafts-making. Located along the shoreline of Chaliyar River in Kozhikode, this village is just a kilometre away from the national highway. Set up on a land of 20 acres, there are 60 stalls for display and sale of handicrafts. The idea for its set up was introduced following a huge demand from foreign travellers who were keen on witnessing skills of native artisans as well as the nuances of craftsmanship in person. Blending an art form with business, the village offers a platform for crafts-making, exhibition and sale of craft-works, creating a better market and ensuring brand protection for the native artisans. The art lovers may find various hand-made products of coir, bamboo, sand, banana fibre, coconut shells, husk and palm leaves and many more.

So, those newly-weds who are looking for a low-budget trip can look for cheap honeymoon packages for Kerala that include this village in their itinerary.


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