Watch a Tiatr Performance on a Goa Tour

Goa is a state where every person, be it a tourist or native, believes in celebration. With beach parties, nightclubs and colourful festivals, Goans have a lot of ways through which they can celebrate and have fun. Even the local folk arts believe in spreading the same message. Ironically, these art forms, especially the folk dances like Fugdi, Dhalo, Mando, Corridinho, and performing folk arts like Khell-Tiatro and Jagar-perani have almost been forgotten. However, there have been efforts to revive this cultural legacy by organising several events and performances all round the year. Tourists can get an opportunity to witness a live performance of these forms, if they opt from a selection of Goa Vacation Packages that are available online.

Among these forgotten jewels is Tiatr, which is an art form weaved around contemporary and topical themes.


What is distinct about this dramatic art form is its songs that are based on controversial and burning issues. These songs gently target the government by poking fun at it. Konkani tiatrists always try to expose follies of public authorities and ridicule them. Even though Tiatr relies on satire to a great extent, all its acts mostly offer clean and good fun avoiding any malice. Concerned with problems of society, the art form demonstrates a great deal of social awareness. The main theme of its shows is weaved around issues of alcoholism, drug addiction, difficulties of inter-caste marriage and fall in values.


Though this dramatic art has been traditionally preserved by the Christian community, the tiatrists come from different sections of the society. To develop and promote this genre, Tiatr Academy was constituted under the patronage of state government. It has been instrumental in conducting research in this field and providing necessary training to newly established institutions. To provide a platform to amateur performers, Tiatr festivals are hosted by Kala Academy, which brings in new ideas and innovations on the stage. With 36 such events organised till date, the Academy has a significant amount of contribution in popularizing this dramatic form.

This popular entertainment art caters to a family audience with its earthy dialogues. Besides putting up regular commercial shows, these acts commemorate every feast at churches and chapels present in the region. Its critics acknowledge this fact that the dramatic art form holds a historical importance as it helped in keeping alive the Konkani language when the Portuguese rulers tried to suppress it. Therefore, Tiatr played an important role in the struggle towards making it an official language of the region.


Analyzing the structure of its performances, it can be found that an appealing story line, attractive songs with soothing music as well as comedy linked with the play are the basis of all acts. During their trip to the state, tourists can watch a show put up by native artists for a unique experience. On their Goa tour, they can witness different types of acts in this dramatic form that includes social, religious, political and historical subjects.


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