Houseboat Cruising in the Kerala Honeymoon Packages

The state of Kerala is located in the southwestern part of the country of India. It is divided into 14 districts with its major cities being Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kollam, Kozhikode and Thrissur. The state has its administrative capital at Thiruvananthapura, which is also known as Trivandrum. Malayalam and English are the widely spoken languages over here, with it having a population of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. This place is also known for varied art forms like the ancient martial art form of Kalarippayattu and the famous classical dance form of Kathakali, which blends facets of opera, ballet, pantomime and masque while explicating ideas from Indian epics. The area is bestowed with a tropical climate, which makes it a delightful place for sightseeing. This destination can be an ideal romantic getaway for honeymoon couples. For an enjoyable experience in the countryside, newlyweds can opt for various Kerala honeymoon packages offered by different travel portals.


The region has a diverse topography with numerous rivers, deep valleys, tall mountains, extensive coastline and beautiful backwaters. Tourists on a honeymoon vacation can indulge in various activities in this state, which is in itself a whole package of restorative Ayurveda treatment, spicy cuisine, comfortable houseboats, serene backwaters, exotic beaches, lush hills and sparkling waterfalls. The sea inlets and estuaries of lakes, rivers, natural canals connected to coastal towns form the famous backwaters in the region, making it a home for aquatic life. Even its village life, untouched by the industrialization, provides an unmatched experience. Therefore, couples on their honeymoon can enjoy a stay in a beach, backwater or wildlife resort and indulge in sunset or houseboat cruising.



houseboat, kerala

Houseboats are slow moving and huge barges used for trips at leisure. These kinds of boats are the remodelled versions of the ancient kettuvallams, which were used for carrying rice and spices. A kettuvallam is joined together by coir knots, and a remarkable thing to notice about this ancient boat-type is that it is constructed without the use of any nail. The boat is made up of jack-wood planks held together with coir. Subsequently, they are coated with resin, which is caustic black in colour and made up of boiled cashew kernels. If maintained carefully, a kettuvallam can last for several generations. A separate portion of this boat is covered with coir and bamboo to erect a kitchen and rest room for crew members.


When this mode of transport was replaced with modern trucks, these boats came to be used for cruising to keep them in demand in the market. To increase their popularity and prevent these 100 year old boats from near extinction, special rooms were constructed on them for the cruise travelers. In their construction, these boats use bamboo mats, sticks for roofing; wooden planks and coir mats for flooring, coir and coconut wood for beds as well as solar panels for lighting. Tourists who are looking forward to an enjoyable cruising experience on these houseboats, can plan a Kerala trip, the best of India holidays.


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