Opt for Jaipur Tours to be a Part of the Largest Literary Show of Asia

Located in the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur used to be the stronghold of many rulers. Its bustling bazaars are a treasure trove to shoppers. Most of shops in this capital city are known for selling jewellery, embroidered leather shoes, fabric in tie and die technique, Sanganeri prints, kota doria sarees, beautiful gems, minakari, and kundan work and blue pottery. Though its markets are generally closed on Sundays, tourists can find better quality goods in Johari Bazaar, M I Road, Bapu Bazaar and Rajasthali (the state government showroom). Travellers can also roam around stalls at Choti and Badi Chaupars to get a selection of goods available at reasonable prices. Tourists opting for Jaipur tours can plan their itinerary accordingly if they want to have a delightful shopping experience. This city is also a place to look for miniature paintings and jewelery made up of metal and lac. Other than that, this place is known for conducting literature festival every year.

Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival

Held in the Diggi Palace in January every year, this literature festival is considered as the largest one in Asia-Pacific. The celebration of international and national literature over here is the most prestigious in India. It includes a range of talks, readings, debates, performances, interactive activities and children workshops. Started in 2008, this festival of literature is regarded as the Mahakumbh of international and Indian writing, drawing in readers and writers from worldwide including countries like Europe, America, Africa and South Asia.

Diggi Palace

Diggi Palace

Though this festival is open to everybody and there is no entry fee, travelers cannot come here without an identity card. Tourists who want to witness this celebration of literature can look for various Jaipur tour packages offered by different travel websites, which include a literary tour to this city. International News Agency, Reuters has described this festival as a testament marking the growing influence of Indian literary works globally.


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