Celebrate Dosmoche Festival during Ladakh Tour

Ladakh, situated in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, happens to be the biggest province of this region. Spread over an area of about 60,000 square miles, this place receives an influx of tourists from all across the globe. The Indus River that passes through this exquisite location is a sight to watch. This land is surrounded by the magnificent mountain range, Himalayas and is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. The mountain slopes and monastic settlements beautify this land in their own way. The region is known for its strong association with Buddhism which is why some significant monasteries can be found here. In this province, festivals are celebrated on the basis of monasteries and Gompas. Vacationers contemplating a visit to this picturesque land and silent monasteries can book Ladakh tour packages offered by various travel portals.

Dosmoche Festival

Dosmoche Festival

Dosmoche Festival

Tibetan form of Buddhism is the prevalent religion followed in the region of Leh Ladakh. However, believers of Islam and Christianity are also found in this land. The Dosmoche Festival is celebrated in the month of July at Leh, Likir and Deskit monasteries. It was started by the emperors of Ladakh in the olden times and this tradition is still carried on.

Music, dance and drama are a part of this festival too, just like the rest of events of this region. Masked lamas from different monasteries perform a sacred dance at the gates of the Leh Palace. The Lamas from the Takthok Monastery considered experts in tantric practice prepare the main offerings that are said to ward off all evil spirits and ghosts when mantras are recited by the Lamas.

Takthok Monastery

Takthok Monastery

All those who wish to be a part of these festivals can look for Leh Ladakh tour packages provided by leading travel agencies to visit this wonderful destination, situated in the lap of nature.


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