Savour the Sumptuous Sikkim Dishes with India Holiday Packages

Sikkim, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the north-eastern part of India, is well-known for its scenic beauty, rich culture and delicious cuisine. The thangka paintings, handloom, wooden-carved and painted items, carpets, cane and bamboo works, wooden masks, traditional hats and caps, embroidered products, multi-craft items and stuffed dolls are a few handicrafts that make this place a popular shopping destination as well. The beauty of Sikkim lures everyone, from a pilgrim to an explorer. A lot of Hindu and Buddhist devotees visit this heavenly state to offer their prayers to their deities at some of the most famous temples and monasteries of the country. Most India holiday packages include tours to this beautiful state that overlooks the mighty Himalayas


Sikkimese cuisine finds a lot of resemblance with Nepalese and Tibetan food culture. The popular Momo – flour dumplings stuffed with vegetables or minced meat accompanied by red chilli dip and soup can be found everywhere, from street corners to high-end restaurants in this state. Thukpa or Gya-thuk as known in local language is a noodle-based soup with meat and vegetables, which is also quite popular here.



Sael Roti

Sael Roti

Sael Roti is another delicacy, which is a unique bread preparation made of fermented rice batter deep fried in a ring shape eaten with meat or potato curry.

Some other popular dishes that can be found here are Kinema and Chhurpi. Kinema, a rich in protein fermented soyabean food served with rice has a characteristic stringy property with a unique flavour. Chhurpi, a fermented dairy product has a mild sour taste and is prepared from cow milk.

Often made with Ningro, a wild fern to give an exotic taste to the preparation, Chhurpi is used for making soups and pickles. When on a Sikkim travel tour, travelers must try out these mouth-watering and lip-smacking delicacies to get a feel of the food culture of this region.







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