Enjoy Adventure Activities with Jim Corbett National Park Packages

The oldest national park in India, the Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1936. It witnesses a surge of a large number of tourists all round the year. Located in the district of Nainital, this is one spot travellers from the cities love to come owing to the peace and tranquillity that exist here. With its spectacular landscapes, variety of flora and fauna and wildlife, this national park offers everything tourists look for. A number of travel portals provide budget-friendly Jim Corbett National Park packages that can be availed by travellers to come here. Known to be home to several endangered species, like the Bengal Tiger,  Asian elephant and one-horned rhinoceros, this tourist spot is also a habitat for a  number of birds, reptiles and fish species.

Adventure Activities

There is a lot of scope for adventure activities for tourists to indulge in this park, especially, river rafting, angling, parasailing, slithering and rock climbing. River rafting expeditions begin through the Himalayas, crossing confluence of rivers and deep gorges. River rafting is the most favourite adventure sports for travellers coming to this region. For this purpose, experts and trainers are available here to guide people indulging in it as few rivers out here flow really fast and to raft on them can sometimes get quite difficult. All those who wish to go for rafting are provided with all necessary equipment for safety measures. Rock climbing at various points in the park are possible, but it is advisable to take help of expert rock climbers who can contacted at the park authority office.

Besides these adventure activities, you can choose to go for various safari tours that are organised by the park authorities on prior request. These include popular ones like tiger safari and elephant safari. The safari packages are considered as to be part of the best holiday packages to this park. So, if you are interested in these packages, then you need to make your bookings in advance avoid any last minute rush.


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