Explore the Diverse Flora of Corbett with Jim Corbett Packages

A haunt for many domestic and foreign tourists, the Jim Corbett National Park, is one of the oldest national parks in India. Established as Hailey National Park in 1936, it was initially set up to protect the endangered Bengal Tiger. Covering an area of over 520 sq km, the park comprises of a large lake, hills, river belts, marshy land and grasslands. An eco-tourism destination, this wildlife area has sub-Himalayan geographical and ecological features that contain hundreds of distinct species of flora and a rich variety of fauna. It can be visited any time in the year except in the monsoon season, which is from July till September. So, people who are planning a trip to this enchanting park can choose from an array of Jim Corbett packages available online that include jeep safari, accommodation, meals and sightseeing to nearby attractions.

Rich Flora

With over 600 different species of trees, bamboos, shrubs, herbs, climbers, ferns and grasses, this park is known to possess some of the rarest plants ever known. The most easily seen trees here are of sal, khair and sissoo, though there are many more trees that add to the flora of this place. The only conifer found in the wildlife reserve is Chir pine that is found on the ridge-tops. The upper points close to Kanda have Banj Oak trees that are essentially a species from the Himalayas. The other important tree species found here are bel, kusum, mahua and bakli.

This forest reserve also has many flowering trees that lend vibrancy to the whole area. The main ones are amaltas with bright yellow blooms, kachnaar with pink flowers, madaar and semal with red flowers, and dhak with bright orange flowers. The sight of these trees and flower plants is completely captivating and compel tourists to come here more often. If you too want to experience the same, then log on to those travel websites that offer the best holiday packages for Jim Corbett.


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