Avail Goa Tour Packages for a Fun-filled and Exciting Vacation

It may be the smallest state of India in terms of area, but in terms of tourism Goa has left all other states of the country way behind. Thousands of domestic and international travellers visit here to explore its serene beaches, temples, churches, historic monuments, museums while enjoying its lip-smacking sea food, glitzy nightlife and shopping retreats. This state is easily accessible from different parts of the country with rail, road and air transportation. You can visit this place all through the year; however, the period between October and June is considered ideal as the climate remains pleasant. If you wish to holiday in this state during your next vacation, then choose to go for Goa tour packages that are offered by leading travel agencies and travel portals.

Archaeological Museum

Set up in the year 1964, the Archaeological Museum is one of the must-see attractions of Goa. This museum is located in a portion of the St. Francis of Assisi Church and has a collection of antique items, which are on display in its eight galleries. These antiquities include various objects from prehistoric and early historic to late medieval period. An important facet of this museum is that it showcases portrait paintings of former viceroys and governors of the state, along with intricately-designed pillars, wooden sculptures and stamps, which are associated with the Portuguese rulers who came here in the early 16th century.

Masterpieces at the Museum

There are many masterpieces kept in this museum, which include Arabic and Persian inscriptions, bronze statue of Albuquerques (first governor of the state), portrait paintings of Com Joa de Castro and Vasco da Gama, ivory sculptures of crucified Jesus and wooden sculpture of John the Baptist.

If you are on a tour of this state, then do take out time to visit this splendid museum. Choose those holiday packages India that includes trips to this beautiful state if you have decided that Goa will be your next holiday destination.


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