Shimla Tour Packages: An Ideal Way to Explore the Old-World Charm of the City

Shimla, one of the beautiful hill stations and most-visited destinations of India, is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by snow-clad mountains and Deodar and pine trees, the capital city of Shimla is also known for its educational institutions, museums, religious shrines and the opportunity it offers for a number of adventurous activities. Though it can be visited all through the year, the period from September to June is considered to be ideal. If you wish to come to this scenic hill station, then check for Indian tour packages available on the Internet that include trips to Shimla. The city is also famous for its old-architectural buildings from the time of British, and one such is the Viceregal Lodge.

Viceregal Lodge


Perched on top of the Observatory Hills, this majestic building was built in the year 1888, and its first resident was Viceroy Lord Dufferin. This six-storey structure is built on a 331-acre site and has a Jacobethan-style architecture. This lodge is surrounded by lush-green lawns and beautiful gardens. Made of light limestone and grey sandstone, along with beams, trusses and iron girders, this lodge was converted into the Institute of Advanced Studies in the year 1965. Since the independence of India in 1947 and till this time, this lodge served as the summer retreat for the Indian President.

Designed by the British architect, Henry Irwin, this building has an entrance that faces south. As you enter the reception hall, you can witness a classic staircase and a huge fireplace. The central part of this lodge has a gallery, which is connected to other rooms that include a ballroom, drawing room and wooden-panelled dining room. If you too wish to witness the grandeur of this building, then opt for Shimla tour packages that include this attraction in their tourist itinerary. You can get these packages with discount offers on leading travel websites.


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